Top 10 Slasher Movies That Deserve a Reboot

The Top Ten

A Nightmare on Elm Street

We all know that the 2010 remake was garbage, the only good thing was Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger so we deserve another reboot. - YanRocky

Friday the 13th

Yes, have a very sexual remake but should have another with more synchronization with the murders and the story of Jason's powers - YanRocky


Although I understand that a reboot is coming, we'll see if it's good - YanRocky

Sleepaway Camp
Alice, Sweet Alice
Madman (1981)
Terror Train
Black Christmas

Had a remake but lacked a good plot between the girls and the killer, so we want another one - YanRocky

Silent Night, Deadly Night

Has a remake but was so bad, it pulled out of Cinema - YanRocky

Peeping Tom

The Contenders

Deep Red
April Fool's Day

We know he has two remakes but they are so boring - YanRocky

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