Top 10 Slayer Songs to Use in a Try Not to Headbang Challange

I based this list of the one Metal_Treasure made but instead i decided to shorten it from all rock or metal songs to Just songs from SLAYER!!! The band that has the headbangable songs and these ones are very hard not to headbang to

The Top Ten

1 Raining Blood

I personally have zero chances, haha - Metal_Treasure

You have about a 0.5% chance of not headbanging to this song because this song is almost impossible not to headbang to - christangrant

Haha love this! I am as far away from being a Slayer fan as you could get but I had a little listen to the sample... I failed! Haha. Ahh...
And, er, no, a few seconds' headbang does not a metal freak maketh me :). - Britgirl

2 Dead Skin Mask

Wow this one is pretty hard not to headbang too - christangrant

3 Angel of Death

Well the whole Reign in Blood could be on this list because that whole album itself is impossible not to Headbang to but ill just keep it to 3 songs from it - christangrant

4 War Ensemble

Oh this ones really tough especially when you get to the middle of the song if you haven't already failed - christangrant

5 Seasons In the Abyss

Oh this ones hard too - christangrant

6 Chemical Warfare

A true classic headbanger - christangrant

7 Ghosts of War

This one you will most likley fail right at the start - christangrant

8 Metal Storm / Face the Slayer

Oh man this one was pretty hard - christangrant

9 Criminally Insane
10 Bitter Peace

Even Diabolus In Musica is hard not to headbang to - christangrant

The Contenders

11 Captor of Sin
12 Haunting the Chapel
13 Hell Awaits
14 Disciple
15 Bloodline
16 Payback
17 Black Magic
18 Die by the Sword
19 Ddamm
20 Dittohead
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