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1 Maleficent Maleficent

She's the best thing in that story. - mood333

2 Aurora

Another classic beauty who's always far much better than that Anna (Frozen) in every way no matter what.

Screw that obnoxious, insufferable huge royal pain in in the butt, Princess Anna of Aren-delle from Frozen!

Princess Aurora all the way! Take that, Princess Anna of Aren-delle from Frozen!

If I were Aurora, I would:

1. Go to Arrendellle

2.Grab Elsa by the neck

3.Spank her butt until it bleeds

4. Suffocate her

5.Throw her into the nearest Arrendelle lake.

6.Then, I'd slap Anna's butt until it's red, bruised, bleeding, and she is crying in pain.

7. Throw her into Kristoff's arms

8."Let her go, Kristoff."

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3 Prince Phillip

He's just awesome! Literally the best character in the ENTIRE film! I love Aurora don't get me wrong, but her prince really makes this couple pure and undefiled perfection! I love the couple, and adore Phillip for what he did for his princess! Best. Disney. Prince. In. Existence.

Prince Phillip all the way! Screw Prince Hans of the Southern Isles!

Take this, Prince Hans of the Southern Isles from Frozen!

Screw Kristoff from Frozen!

4 Fauna
5 Merryweather
6 Flora
7 King Stefan
8 Queen Leah
9 Diablo
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1. Maleficent
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1. Maleficent
2. Aurora
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