Best Slipknot Songs After Iowa


The Top Ten

1 The Blister Exists The Blister Exists
2 Duality Duality
3 Vermilion Vermilion
4 Vermilion Pt. 2
5 Sulfur
6 Psychosocial
7 Dead Memories
8 Sarcastrophe

I personally think that the gray chapter is the best Slipknot album since Iowa. Very underrated

9 The Devil In I
10 The Negative One

The Contenders

11 If Rain is What You Want
12 Before I Forget
13 Snuff
14 Gehenna
15 Killpop
16 The Nameless
17 The Burden
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Top Remixes

1. The Blister Exists
2. Duality
3. Vermilion
1. Killpop
2. Before I Forget
3. If Rain is What You Want


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