Best Slovenian Folk Metal Songs

Slovenian Folk Metal is a small but distinct sub-genre of Folk metal. It is strongly influenced by symphonic and power metal, with a combination of male and female vocals, the female ones often being more prominent and operatic in style. Harsh and growled vocals are also employed to a certain extent. The songs are characterised by power metal-like soaring choruses which function as hooks. The lyrics are mostly in Slovenian and the song themes range all the way from Slavic history, folklore, drinking and mythology to more lyrical themes of personal struggles and battles. Guitars mostly focus on the rhythm section with thrashy riffs. Extensive guitar soloing is rarely employed. The keyboards are also a prominent feature while actual folk instruments are rarely used and mostly limited to flutes and violins.

The Top Ten

1 Zmaji - Avven

I like this list - the list description is excellent and I will certainly check out the songs. While I am aware of the folk metal from other countries, I've never heard of any folk metal from Slovenia before. I played the song samples (where available) and I think the songs are very interesting. - Metal_Treasure

2 Brezno - Solze
3 Hej Ti! - Avven
4 Pozabljeni Svet - Zaria
5 Avven - 5
6 Brezno - Dolina Pogubljenih
7 Divja Jaga - Zaria
8 Na Zdravje - Vinotoch
9 Ibo - Avven
10 Slava (Pota Naša So Krvava) - Exsilium
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