Best Slow Paced Movies

There's a huge number of action movie fans .All the action movies usually become famous quickly .But not always only action and fast paced movies are good .There have been many great movies which are slow paced .

Slow paced doesn't mean that movies have to be long .Like 3 or 4 hours .Even a movie of 1 hour and 30 minutes can also be slow paced .Slow paced means the whole movie is running slowly .The story is progressing slowly.

And slow paced movies aren't boring.Though some don't like slow paced movies .But I have been a huge fan of good slow paced movies .And these movies prove that slow paced movies aren't bad or boring.

Note:Some may disagree with me that some movies here aren't slow .But all these movies seem to be slow paced to me .So feel free to say anything.Correct me if I am wrong somewhere.Cross out the movies on dishonorable mention if you don't like them.

And also add your favorite slow paced movies .

The Top Ten

1 2001: A Space Odyssey

Good choice for #1 - Strobo

2 The Godfather

The acting of Marlon Brando was also slow paced. - zxm

3 The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
4 Into the Wild

This movie is slow paced - zxm

5 Zodiac
6 12 Angry Men
7 The Shawshank Redemption
8 There Will Be Blood
9 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

What could you expect more when the beginning of the movie took almost 10 minutes to finish a person's meal. - zxm

10 Solaris

The Contenders

11 The Bridge on the River Kwai

Much more than a military/war movie; a good look at 3 strong personalities. - Billyv

12 Marvel's The Avengers
13 A Beautiful Mind
14 Once Upon a Time in the West
15 The Hateful Eight
16 Blade Runner 2049
17 Barry Lyndon
18 The Straight Story
19 Blow-Up
20 Baraka
21 Pierrot le Fou
22 Koyaanisqatsi
23 127 Hours
24 Nebraska

Forgot about this movie. this movie is very slow paced. and it's a good movie - zxm

25 Boyhood

Its quite a slow movie. - zxm

26 Take Shelter

Saw it this year. this movie is quite slow - zxm

27 The Machinist

This movie is also slow. - zxm

28 Stalker

It's a very very very slow paced movie. I almost went to sleep when I was watching this movie. - zxm

29 Escape from Alcatraz

Its about a prisoner. he tries his best to escape from the prison. and yes its slow. but it isn't boring - zxm

30 Unforgiven

Another slow paced movie. as I remember it was about to chase some criminals. the scenes were very slow - zxm

31 True Grit

Not very slow. that's why I didn't want to add it higher. - zxm

32 Nightcrawler

Half slow, half fast. - zxm

33 Prisoners

This is also slow. the movie gets into deeper till the true criminal shows up. - zxm

34 Donnie Darko

One of the most complicated movies. I it deserves to be here - zxm

35 Serpico

The story progression of this movie is quite slow. even though the scenes weren't very slow. - zxm

36 Cast Away

The island life part of Tom Hanks were quite slow. - zxm

37 Manchester by the Sea

I believe this movie is quite slow paced. But its very good. - zxm

38 Leaving Las Vegas
39 Last Exit to Brooklyn
40 Taxi Driver
41 Before Sunrise

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