Top 10 Best Slow Skillet Songs

Skillet are well known for having their share of bangers and songs to rock out to, but they also do some good slower and softer tunes. This list will be dedicated to those.
Feel free to add any others I may have missed.

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1 Lucy

This song in particular is a personal one to John Cooper (search the live performance in Pittsburgh where John Cooper explains the song's meaning), but regardless of the specific message it can be re-interpreted to be a song we can all relate to at one point or another. - SuperSonic17

2 Stars

One of their newest and best songs. A lot more synthy sounding with softer vocals, and lyrics that deal with themes of spirituality and faith. Not one to be skipped. - SuperSonic17

3 Salvation

The first Skillet song where Jen Ledger takes lead vocals. I always felt that her inclusion to the band added so much, with her sweet and angelic voice contrasting with John Cooper's more harsh and gritty voice to make for a nice dynamic. - SuperSonic17

4 Don't Wake Me

After the angry, pulse pounding tune 'Monster' this song brings the pace down to something more soft, yet with still more depressing themes at it's core. Sometimes the most long lasting hurt comes from hopeless longing. - SuperSonic17

5 Would It Matter

One of the bonus songs from 'Awake', one that a lot of people who have had depression (or indeed second thoughts about going through with things) can relate to. - SuperSonic17

6 Say Goodbye

A nice tune that has good use of piano, guitars and violins, like a lot of good Skillet songs do. - SuperSonic17

7 Watching for Comets Watching for Comets

Another new one that I'm sure will go down as a fan favourite. John and Jen once again work wonders together and this song is fuelled with emotion. - SuperSonic17

8 Yours To Hold

One time when I saw Skillet back in 2014 John Cooper and Jen Ledger did an acoustic duet to this song, it was just as beautiful as you'd imagine it would be. - SuperSonic17

9 A Little More

One of the more underrated tracks from 'Collide'. The rest of this album is some of the band's heavier work, but this song makes for a nice little diversion. - SuperSonic17

10 Everything Goes Black

It's a shame this song was only on the deluxe edition of 'Rise', but I would make the argument that the deluxe edition is worth getting just for this sombre and haunting tune. - SuperSonic17

Must be first in this list☹

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11 One Day Too Late
12 Believe
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