Best Slow Smashing Pumpkins Songs

Smashing Pumpkins is well known for their alternative rock hits such as Cherub Rock, Bullet With Butterfly Wings and Zero. However, their discography features a plethora of beautiful ballads and more melodic tracks. This list highlights those particular songs.

The Top Ten Best Slow Smashing Pumpkins Songs

1 Disarm
2 1979
3 Rhinoceros
4 Thirty-Three
5 Tonight, Tonight
6 Spaceboy
7 Luna
8 Soma
9 To Forgive
10 Farewell and Goodnight

The Contenders

11 Tear
12 Mayonaise
13 To Sheila
14 Galapogos
15 The Tale of Dusty and Pistol Pete
16 Crestfallen
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