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1 Infurnus

Fatin Is The Best Singer and she is good girl. I hope she don't arogant. Good Luck for Fatin Shidqia Lubis

Fatin is the best singer from Indonesia, she is 16 years old, I like her voice and I hope she can go international, Good luck fatin I always support you.

Go fatin you are the one and only unique character voice female singer - arinlak

So strong

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2 Crystalyd

He even hides and attack

You can never defeat this slug my favourite one it should be on 1place even it is more precious if I became slug slinger I would start with CRYSTALYD it is rare that's it is also given as a prize.This wins always

3 Tazerling

He is the best and so cute

I'm shocked its in 2nd

Tazerlings are just AWESOME!


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4 Aquabeek

When he transforms and another slug transforms is turn that slug into a normal slug

Favorite Slug!

Beeker is very cute.

5 Bubbaleone

Th bubble one is way better than everyone.


6 Arachnet
7 Boon Doc

He's cool but not cool enough as infurnus

He is green and he can heal other slugs and he is green and he can heal other slugs

Can heal lots of things and is an elemental and a guardian

€He heals everything Doc the boon doc is a elamental and he is so strong and powerful”

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8 Earth Elemental

Elemental slugs are described as the most powerful slugs and the earth elemental is cool with rock/metal kind of shell/armour

Epic slug

Is litteraly the closes thing to a god in slugterra


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9 Dirt Urchin (Needlow)

This is the best slug for digging and fighting

Epic epic slug

10 Dustpuff

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11 Frostcrawler

He is just cool

12 Sonikin

I think boon docs are very cool and I think this new version is even better!

I thank it's best because the unbeatbull master has it and it is one of the rarest slug

What,which slug are u talking about?

13 Hoverbug

He is the only slug that can fly in small and with out powers

14 Rammstone

I love ram stone

Very powerful

Rammstones can ram threw slugs like a RAM!

Blugieon is savage as a normal and more savage as a megamorph

15 Enigmo

The enigmo can show you the right slugs to fuse for the fusion blaster.

Nice slug

16 Fandango

Fandango is obviously the best. It can recharge slugs and pack a powerful inch when necessary. Burgers the attention, but the fandango is truly number one. Only the damn stone beats it.

It has such great energy and even though it is not the best it should be in the top 5

17 Grenuke

Grenuke explodes several other rocks

I think Grenuke is cute but deadly. And that is what I like

18 Armashelt

They are extremely tough and cute

I took a test (what slug would be your best friend like Eli and Burpy),and I was Armashelt. There tough powerful and the cutest slug,nice but strong.

It has defeted ramstone and it is a mega morph also

Great power
A heavy and hard hitting slug
Should be in top5

19 Speedstinger

Speedstinger is the best he can bounce on the walls

20 Geoshard

This slug should be already on the first list

He can Crystalize things, how awesome is that!

I love it

21 Tormato

He can make Twisters and his color is red and my favorite color is red.

22 Frightgeist

Because frightgeist

Fright Geist is the best because eveing the tufist men are afraid of it

23 Flaringo

Infernus gets all the attention. (SPOILER! ) It has been revealed that Burpy is the only Infunus in Slugterra, from Slugterra. This means that for a basic fire slug most slingers would rely on Flaringo.

24 Flatulorhinkus

Because fart jokes, and it's a useful getaway slug for when you need to run

25 Xmitter

Xmitter, more like... transmitter! yeet *dab*

26 Toxis

Toxin is dope

27 Flopper

This is the worst slug

28 Mimkey
29 Fire Elemental

I don't need to say more than its an elemental

lol OP

30 Forgesmelter
31 Thresher
32 Raast
33 Neotox
34 Polero
35 Slyren
36 Thuglett

Become someone you are not

37 Inkdevil
38 Phosphoro
39 Lariat
40 Jellyish
41 HopRock
42 Vinedrill
43 Slicksilver

I’m so attractive and magnetic

44 Hypnogriff
45 Smink
46 Sharkus
47 Fingerling
48 Pieper
49 Sand Angler

LETS make a sink hole

50 Bubbalash
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