Top Ten Small Projects President Duterte Can Do that Will Benefit Most Filipinos

Small projects costing less that Philippines Pres. Rodrigo Duterte can undertake in a week or few weeks' time but that will nonetheless benefit many Filipinos.

The Top Ten

1 URL Address Routers in Cagayan de Oro City, Cebu City and Manila

So that an Internet transmission meant for local address doesn't have to go to the U.S. before reaching its destination in the Philippines. - xunfun987

2 Mindanao Fiber-optic Network

So residents can communicate, trade locally and use the Internet for free, even if outside Internet lines fail. - xunfun987

3 Free Ads Sites in Manila, Cebu and Cagayan de Oro Like OLX but more relaxed in free posting rules

For freer trade and easier employment. - xunfun987

4 Non compulsory vaccinations

So ordinary citizens can decide what is best for themselves and their children. - xunfun987

5 Stock natural deworming materials in community health centers

Intestinal worms and parasites take 20-50% of the nutrients that humans eat. Taking synthetic poison dewormers damage the liver, kidneys and other body organs. - xunfun987

6 Ban GMO seeds, GMO processed foods, glyphosate and poison chemical crop sprays

To reduce the incidence of future diseases. - xunfun987

7 Produce and distribute native and organic crop, vegetable and fruit seeds to the countryside

As a correction for the wiping out of native seeds and their replacement with GMOs that cause infertility and organ failure. - xunfun987

8 Seasonal fishing ban on certain marine species during their spawning season and enhanced protection for the young of fish species

Under natural condition, the survival of fish eyelets is only about 2%. With enhanced protection, such as in fishponds, survival to young adults or harvest size can be increased to 85%. - xunfun987

9 Cagayan de Oro City technical assistance and prototyping facility for inventors and innovators

To accelerate the industrial and economic development of Mindanao. - xunfun987

10 Open up state-owned university machining and ceramic and science and technology facilities to inventors and innovators

To accelerate industrial and economic development of Mindanao. - xunfun987

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