Top Ten Small YouTube Ranters

This list contains people on YouTube who make rant videos on various topics who are small in terms of subscribers and views but have potential to become big on YouTube that match the likes of NateTalksToYou, JJDiscussions, PMRants, etc.

The Top Ten Small YouTube Ranters

1 RanterInShades

Better than the Archfiend.

- Former Archfiend Follower

2 Skullripper4900
3 CultOfClusterf**k
4 BurnCoalition

I think because is a pretty awesome ranter, and a good friend when we talk.


5 TheRandomGangsta

I think he has potential to become big.

6 Danny The Metalhead

I'd vote for him if his videos weren't all gone now. :(

7 IAmJosephPaul (formerly InquisitiveJoe)
8 SammyClassicSonicFan
9 TheSocialistSurrogate (formerly AProgressiveThinker)
10 ThunderusTimelord

The Contenders

11 SpizzTrizz
12 CyNick (formerly NickMilazzo668)
13 AngryJoe
14 NilssonSilveus
15 Atticus The DeathMetaller
16 PorygonFanatics
17 CawubTV
18 cynicalstarmie
19 CooperSlyKing
20 Benthelooney
21 LoganCrews

Better than likes of UTF and TheArchfiend in my opinion - MegaStorm

22 PMRants

Great ranter but I wouldn't call someone with 84,000+ subscribers small.

23 TheFandomMenace
24 Robs Rants
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