Light Yagami - Death Note

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Light Yagami is a fictional character and the protagonist of the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.


Light is really smart, I know, but it really annoys me when some people say that he is smarter than L, like SERIOUSLY?

OK, LIght may have succeded in killing L, but most of his goals were completed not because he was smarter, but because he was LUCKIER.

He was LUCKY to have Ryuk by his side, who kept blabbering all sorts of things to help him, he was LUCKY to have a psycho, cruel, annoying girl who was obsessed with him and had the shinigami eyes, he was LUCKY to be the son of an influent officer, Soichiro Yagami, who kept interfering L's plans during the whole investigation because Light was his son and he was LUCKY that Rem protected Misa by killing L before he could do anything that would put that annoying woman in jail.

But I'm not saying that Light is not smart. Besides being Team L, he is extremelly smart and intelligent, but not as much as L...

Light outsmarted L in the end and L had all his resources and years of experience let's not forget and yet this ordinary high school guy was always upto par with Light not only used his brains but also his interactive skills and charm over the girls to his advantage plus he was the protagonist of the story so I felt more attached to Kira always

He has to be smart. He took out the worlds greatest detective L! Light has to be a memorable anime character. He deserved a better death I mean I hate Near. Light had went to far just to die like that.

Light should be Number 2 no doubt. He is so smart not only is he proper smart he is popular and very very emphasis on the very deceitful. He saved the world from crime. Also he thinks like 100 moves ahea with complete precision. He is beyond human comprehension in terms of intelligence as well as L

If light didn't get too impatient or cocky, than I honestly think he would've been able to become gods of more worlds than just his own.

Light, L, and Lelouch are easily the smartest characters in anime. I would have to go with Light, simply because he was a master manipulator. Losing his own memories and successfully getting them back was all part of his plan. Pure Genius. Simply incredible

Light Yagami Number 4... I don't get how he can be so low and Shikamaru Nara above him! Now that's just messed up.

He's very smart and he leaves no clues. He's always alert.

I meant to say you don't have to agree with me I could be wrong

Yes Light Yagami is very intelligent I think he is at the correct position of being smartest anime/manga character as No.3 but I think Beyond Birthday should at the top. Although, L could of not known this Los Angeles Beyond Birthday case if was Naomi Misora this could have be a mystery if BB commit suicide. So, think about it with the opinion I typed here. I know people like Death Note especially you too fans. You have to agree with me I could wrong

Light undoubtedly the smartest character I have known. He is much better than L. He should be in the top. So everyone, please vote him.

Light Yagami is the most intellengent ever. He can make the righteous decision in such a short time.

Outsmarted the -so to say- first of this top ten.Is there a better reason to vote?

This ordinary school student is smarter than anyone on this list...he had clearly beated L...still he's below him... I wonder why? to all those saying that L is smarter than light because light knew about the existence of the deathnote..u guys should consider the fact that L also had the entire police force and years of experience and sources for his help...the way Light handled super badass...and voting for L because he was the good guy is stupid this is not about morals but who is smarter and it's clearly Light Yagami

I think even nier should be on this list and light should be higher on the list because he tricked a shinigami to kill l

Alright, time out! It specifically states that Light defeated L and L was basically the smartest guy there is. That clearly shows that Light (in many BUT not all aspects) is smarter than L. In one aspect, he is smarter with social situations which is a sort of genius. And they basically tie when it comes to strategy solving. Yes, Light lost to Near, but this was only because, as stated, Near could only do this with Mello's help. Individually, they could not surpass L, but together they could. This is why I believe Light should be above L. On the other hand, if L had been more ruthless and less caring of people's lives, he would have won. But my vote still goes to Light.

Light is obviously smarter than L for the simple reason that L died before him. Easy life.

Why is Lelouch above this genius. He defeated L! His deductive powers rival even L's.

During his reign as Kira he killed millions of criminals and manipulated dozens all under surveillance of the world's greatest detective (L), never traded for shinigami eyes (which gives a huge advantage), and even tricked a Rem to kill the number one guy on this list.

(However his IQ dropped 50% after if killed L)

I voted for L but Light still has the best line in the anime/manga.
'I take a chip - and EAT IT! '

For god sake, L can't even catch Light even though L had set cameras in Light's room and not to mention Light get to kill criminals without L noticing. Light is always steps ahead L

Light is no doubt a genuis but relies on manipulating others way to much, he didn't outsmart L but used the shinigami to kill L. This is why I see L to be smarter because he used more strategy and relied on himself more than reling on others.

Light yagami should obviously be number 1...he took down L...he erased his memory to escape suspicion knowing that he would help his dad and L investigate on kira and he knew that he would touch the death note again get ting his memory back...dude is clearly a legend.

I haven't watched a lot of animes. Death Note is the only one I've completed. But here I see L at the top of the list.
People are voting for L as they like him. I love L too, and hate Light (who is every bit of evil, selfish and greedy, despite his intentions). But, as far as intelligence is concerned, its Light all the way.
He leaves nothing to chance, while L appears to have made several assumptions in his reasoning.
I am an engineer, and from a professional standpoint, I was amazed by the solution he designed to keep the note safe in his drawer.