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1 Pakistan Pakistan

No Match in Strategic Planning, the whole world knows what they did behind the scene in Afghan War against USSR. It is only the one case there are lot more like this but those who believe that we are their enemies do not think twice think as much as can about what we did in past with Ex-Super Power and presently what's happening to so called Super Power. Hats-off to those who sacrifice for their lives and families for the sake of keeping Peace in this world.

World best army as spirit

No credits ever given to pakistan for their huge part in defeating terrorists but Pakistan is extremely humble and nobody lets the worlds hatred bring them down. There is no time for negatively for them. Salute to the pakistani army

No duh most smartest intelligence agency ranked number 1 ISI, the worlds best or at least one of the best elite special forces SSG, and lets face it aren't pakistani people (even though they have an education problem in the country) the smartest people you see? Plus it's the only muslim country in the world to have nuclear weapons, research center in Antarctica, and in 2022 will launch its first man into space. Personally I see a good future in Pakistan I believe it will eventually become a superpower.

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2 Albania
3 China

A dedicated army of a dedicated nation

Because it is friend of Pakistan

They are Good and sincere friends
They always fulfiled their promises

4 Israel
5 Turkey

Modern Turkish Warriors pass down not only hand to hand combat techniques down on to the next generation, but also their will to embrace death. Combat training techniques that work so well, its not only toying with your enemy but also may seem cruel to Non-Turks.

6 India

Their army is very smart, that's why they are raping their own women.
No women can trust now Indian army because they think 'terrorists are better than Indian army'

Very clever army unlike our ching chong friends on the #1 spot

All steps taken carefully and cautiously!

Coward, Rapist, Unprofessional and Suicide pron army

7 Afghanistan

Seems like a nonexistent army that has left the dirty job for the Pakistani army. Every single report says that terrorist attacks in Pakistan are originated in Afghanistan. Its no wonder since the borders are open, and Pakistan has to take the toll

8 Russia
9 Germany
10 Greece

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11 United Kingdom
12 United States

US keeps bombing places. - WorldPuncher47592834

13 Romania
14 Serbia

The only thing Serbian army is good at is running away from enemy armies. The most importantly, the U.S.A. bombed them like they do with every other third world, fake country. - 32537690968969

We fought against the bad guys in the world wars and beat them, we fought against Croatian UstaĊĦe and we beat them, we fought against Albanians and beat them, we know every crag and crevasse of the Balkans... Way better than most of these countries to be honest.

Serbia lost literally all wars they've ever battled. In the end, Serbia after losing to Croatia and Albania got destroyed by NATO, just like every other third world loser country. Why does this country even exist? - 32537690968969

15 Egypt
16 Libya
17 Australia Australia

Look at what they did in WW1, WW2, and the Vietnam War.

18 Iran
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1. Albania
2. Turkey
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1. Israel
2. Russia
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