Rather Funny List

An interesting list overall- I was overjoyed when I saw Tesla among the top ten (mainly because Nikola Tesla rarely gets the publicity that he deserves, having invented radio controls, alternating current, spark plugs, and essentially the precursor to wifi a century ago.)

I also saw, somewhat less to my glee, that Jesus Christ was added to the list and almost certainly mass-voted upwards by an organized effort by the religious, a trait which seems to also be shared by Muhammad, also on the top ten.

I found it not at all surprising that Darwin was in the top ten- but I chuckled a bit when Gregor Mendel hadn't even been added to the list (or didn't appear to have been) when Mendel's experiments explained the basics of genetics- a system upon which all of Darwins' work is now known to actually operate.

Perhaps it says something about the world that celebrities and politicians tend to be lower on this list than visionaries and scientists- for which I can't complain.

I also found it interesting that Adolf Hitler, as of my writing this, seems to be in second place: While some may argue that Hitler was simply pure evil, it would be difficult not to argue that through both his organizational skills and charisma, he was certainly among the highest order of intellectuals, managing to take over most of Europe in less than a decade, in some cases absorbing entire nations without a shot being fired.


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