Albert Einstein

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While it is hilarious to see Hitler at the top of this list due to the efforts of /b/, there is no doubt that Einstein is the one who actually deserves it.
Hitler was brilliant in his early years, many of the feats that he accomplished were certainly not easy, and he was incredibly good at getting the support of the German people. However, he threw it all away later in the war with one terrible strategic decision after another. Not to mention he committed mass genocide on a scale that few others can match.

Helped figure out what light was, showed that matter and energy were two sides of the same coin, showed that the faster you move thru space the slower time passes by for you and that the speed of light was the speed limit for matter moving thru space, figured out that gravity was the result of mass bending the fabric of space itself and that the greater the gravitational field is, again the slower time passes you by. Also helped give birth to the field of quantum mechanics even though he didn't quite agree with it and discovered what would be called dark energy, another revelation he thought was a mistake. The man tapped into the consciousness of the universe and changed the human race forever in a forward positive way.

Behind Tesla on the list, but equally intelligent in his own right. Nicola Tesla had inexplicably innovative and radical ideas, but most importantly his ideas were ideas which could be three dimensionally rendered. Albert Einstein, on the other hand, brought forth ideas that were not experimentally verifiable in all circumstances. The two were in separate domains. When Einstein did bring a conceptual idea to a 3D implement with the introduction of the atomic bomb, it created as significant of an impact as have any of Tesla's invention, arguably more. Years from now, both will be regarded very high as many of their contributions are yet to be fully realized.

Albert Einstein was not only excellent in Physics. He was also a great thinker. His theories were based on solid understanding and full of clarity. He was not satisfied with pure statistics, but wanted a model that people could understand as logical, rational. He was famous for his "thought experiments" and by stating things like "God does not play dice", it was clear he was a defender of the idea that "the world makes sense". Even today's science is weak beside his ideas!

Look, according to historical academia Jesus was just a person who yes was important to religion but was just a man of normal biological reproduction. He did suffer at the hands of the Romans and he could easily be of exceptionally high morals, but to say that he knows all and is so superior to scientific geniuses like Einstein, Darwin and Hawking is an insult to the human race. These scientists were real and came up with ground breaking theories. We know they were real and not just a myth. That's what bugs me about religion, we are so arrogant to say that Jesus was real and the smartest person when there is no proof that he was more real then Zeus, Jupiter or Odin. Religion should not be in this competition because you cannot prove it. I am Agnostic about the whole thing, so I am not saying that Jesus is wrong, I'm just saying that lets keep it to quantifiable people; hence Einstein is the man

I'm not sure how this ranking works but it seems like this list is based on the opinion of the general public. I would hope that most of us understand that almost no one in the world even has the capacity to fully understand the knowledge and wisdom of any one person in this list, never mind all of them. So, if this a voting system then I'm sure that all of us are casting our votes based on a narrow understanding of what these people have done and not based on the compilation of their works and lives.

Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist who created the theory of relativity. He also contributed significantly to the development of quantum mechanics and cosmology, and he is generally considered to 1900s the most important physicist.

I am sad that Einstein is #5. Hitler is #1 seriously? Hitler was smart but really? Theories that still guide the entire planet to this day in a positive, helpful, productive way... The guy envisioned things about space that we still find relevant even today. The guy had nothing like we do today.

This must be incorrect. Is there a mistake? Because um... Jesus was alive and walked the Earth. He was literally God! He knew EVERYTHING! Shouldn't Jesus have the spot of Smartest Man In The World? Like, come on! Einstein was smart, but Jesus knew everything! So sorry, but I think there was a mistake. Jesus. Is. WAY. Smarter. Than. Albert. Einstein!

You are right the Albert Einstein was the most intelligent person in the physic's history. Albert Einstein revolutionized the understanding of physics forever!. Albert Einstein brain was the fastest brain in the world history. His very brilliant knowledgull book "GENERAL THEORY OF RELATIVITY" is my favourite. He discover the important law of physics and he research for it. THANKS

There is no theory more revolutionising than e=mc^2. It made understand the universe albeit only a little. Still its more than any other contribution. And light being the fastest there is solved a lot a million questions at that time. And what the hell is jesus and Hitler doing in the list and that too ahead of hawking! Being a famous revolutionary and being smart are two very different things. Instead of jesus you could add the guy who wrote the story of jesus. True or false it made an impact which has only grown over the centuries

Albert Einstein was the man that invented our modern physics, he's the most incredible man to ever live. He enjoyed what he did, he isolated himself in his room, working on a new project everyday, leaving his office every now and then only to play a keynote on the piano to maintain his focus. This man is incredible, he's defiantly the smartest man to ever live.

Before Albert Einstein was there, there was an old dark world, its scientists and inventors don't have a common sense, at 1900, the creation began and Einstein gave us a massive and huge advance in our life, and drastically the world changed to be a new shining and promising world, T.V., Laser, Atomic bomb, Nuclear energy, etc... Einstein had a hand of bringing these massive and huge technological advance into reality...

The man was a genius - despite being shunned by everyone as a child, he managed to rise up from the ashes of defeat and still come out to be a being of her intelligence. He was the father of physics, alongside Newton, and his work will never be forgotten.

IN IQ wise Einstein was not the smartest, but he certainly was the greatest scientist and physicist of all time. I mean come on he added so much more to physics like about the speed of light and how if you move faster then the speed of light you would end up far in the future this guy revolutionized the understanding of physics. And by the way get the religion crap outta here there is no scientific proof that they existed and I won't just read the bible and think jesus and mohamad lived it is just mythology

Imagine it everything you ever knew about math is wrong all by Albert Einstein. Imagine that what you thought was true was proven wrong. He has upgraded us. Einstein has changed the world with his intelligence without him we would all be dumber than now. All of his theory's all true basically he knows everything.

Mathematics can be applied to everything, he just applied it extensively to physics. He's by far one of the greatest mathematician with a very powerful abstract mind.

The abstract mind will always be beyond everything else.

Everyone ahead doesn't deserve the place. Hitler was an evil mastermind, although I agree he had great power. The vinci didn't do anything very great except for his art and some other things. Sir Isaac Newton hit his head with an apple and that's why he had all those theories- because of pure luck. Jesus was God's son and that's why he had magical powers although he was wise.

People who don't think he is the smartest man in history must be really stupid it is just so obvious people open your eyes it is crystal clear that he should be named the smartest man in the world

He is so smart he is in the world record... Like in history! You guys should respect him he is in like every single magazine that has the word "smart" in it, making he the best in the World plus Adolf Hitler was just bad and mean

He was the father of modern physics. He was a bit slow but he was the most wisest person ever he even imagined the whole structure of universe by just thinking about it. Maybe people think newton is better but einsteins contributions were groundbreaking...!

In my view, his ideas were not directly related to particular problems or challenges of that time; they rather went beyond anything people had been thinking about (I'm talking about special and general relativity). To me, his ideas seem to pop out of nowhere and that makes him a great thinker in my opinion.

When Albert was five years old and sick in bed, his father showed a simple pocket compass. Einstein was mesmerized. What force exerted itself on the little needle to make it point in a single direction? This question haunted Einstein for many years.

Albert Einstein was evidently brilliant. It boggles me why Jesus is number one. Here's why: If you're a Christian, then Jesus isn't a person and therefore shouldn't even be included on this list. If you're not a Christian, then you probably don't believe that Jesus possessed superior intellect.

Brilliant man that not only had a better understanding of the laws of the universe than all others, but also had great understanding of humanity. Wish I could have known him. As a religious person I don't fully agree with his personal god view, but he makes some very compelling points.