Leonardo Da Vinci

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Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, more commonly Leonardo da Vinci or simply Leonardo, was an Italian polymath whose areas of interest included invention, painting, sculpting, architecture, science, music, mathematics, engineering, literature, anatomy, geology, astronomy, botany, writing, history, poetry, ...read more.


Da Vinci was centuries ahead of his time; he designed a tank, a diving suit, a machine gun, a few flying machines, and many other things that wouldn't be realized until hundreds of years later. His 4000 pages of detailed notes about various previously unexplored ideas and concepts is baffling and is a true mark of his genius. He was the Renaissance Man of the Renaissance, a true polymath who wouldn't realize his potential even if he were to live to be 500 years old, which, if he were still alive today, he would be a billionaire simply from licensing fees from all of his reproduced works. Oh yes, and of course he is arguably the best painter to have ever lived, as his Last Supper and Mona Lisa, two of about 17 examples, prove to be true. His lifetime achievements therefore provide an astonishing collection of pedigree to his name and brilliance. He is the smartest person to have ever lived.

It's a toss up between Leo and Tesla. I'm a great fan of both, for they both had great ingenuity and both are true artist in which their art still stands till this day. It's crazy how both of em created weapons for destruction, but I believe they regretted it. Leo built the catapult for some rich dude then he soon left that department and painted the Mona Lisa or the Last Dinner. Tesla was all bout free energy, he wanted to see the world light up, and he close to it. But the powers that were would of loss a lot $$. He is linked to the dreaded HARRP machine. I think that's how it spelt. Anyways it's crazy after he died how the Feds raided his place taking all his paperwork and ideas. I didn't choose Jesus for the fact that he ain't people. He even states so himself, when asked, "who are you then? " He replies, "truly truly, before Abraham was; I am." Knowing that they knew Exodus 3:14 when God tells Moses of his identity he says of the same, I Am. So as they were thinking, "so this ...more - B-easy-B

Anyone who says against the Vinci being history most genius person is nothing but s simple fool who is unable to properly understand the depths of his genius, even when compared to history's greatest. He is undoubtedly number 1. Hitler had an ability for the arts, his greatest being manipulation, which is why most are led to believe he was a genius, rather than an amazingly skilled con artist with twisted view. A con-artist, not a genius.

The Vinci was the quintessential Renaissance Man. Not only did he produce breathtakingly beautiful artworks, but his art extended into his unwavering pursuit of scientific knowledge that aided in bringing the world out of the Dark Ages scientific slump; he was a master of poetry, music, various art forms, scientific methods, and engineering. So far advanced was the Vinci that many of his theoretical designs and diagrams were dismissed as impossible until modern science was able to catch up with his genius

Leonardo the Vinci was way ahead of his time with the construction of grenades, tanks and submarines. In my opinion he really is one of the smartest men in history. What would the Vinci be like if he was in Einsteins time and what would Eisenstein have accomplished if he was in the Vinci's time? And if your gonna put Jesus ahead of Leonardo the Vinci, ask yourself what did Jesus actually do to change history and it probably would've been the same if Jesus never existed.

I am not getting into a debate about God because although I'm an atheist people are free to believe what they feel is right but if we are talking about human beings it has to be Leonardo,. He was one of the greatest artists of all time and one of the greatest scientists, we are still finding new evidence of his skills even today. Shakespeare, Newton, Michaelangelo, Einstein, They are all outstanding but Leonardo outshines them all.

The Vinci was CENTURIES ahead of his time. I'm talking flying machines, submarines, human anatomy, a great artist, etc. He was just the clear definition of a true genius. He wasn't just a math genius. He was an EVERYTHING genius. The Vinci also did things the hard way. No school like the ones we have. No advanced materials such as computers, calculator, etc. No help. Just him and his mind that is, once again, CENTURIES AHEAD!

He was an Italian Renaissance polymath: painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer. His genius, perhaps more than that of any other figure, epitomized the Renaissance humanist ideal. Leonardo has often been described as the archetype of the Renaissance Man, a man of "unquenchable curiosity" and "feverishly inventive imagination"

I'll vote for him, because he was brilliant, such an outstanding person, he was a complete genius, he was a full example of amazing human beings, taking the christian side away, he was THE SMARTEST person that the world has ever seen, A first place would fit him best, but it's quite impressive that people recognize his labor and gave him the third place.

Leonardo the Vinci is a Renaissance Man. He was very accomplished in multiple fields. Also, many of his ideas have been tested out over the years and have proven to work. The helicopter and parachute were two ideas that he came up with many centuries before they were actually invented.

He had blueprints for flying machines, he painted marvelously. The helicopter was invented more than 500 years after he designed it! Sure, he may have been a bit crazy but he was smarter then ANYONE! Who doesn't know what the Mona Lisa is?

Anything Leonardo turned his attention to he excelled at. There is not another human being in history to have such an immense range of knowledge. His designs were so advanced the technology to create them did not arise for another 400 years. Leonardo is the genius of geniuses.

Not only was he the most intelligent inventor of his time, but he also has become known as one of the best artist known to have lived. He created the idea of a helicopter and even tanks and many other things. If he were to be with us today he would revolutionize the way we think.

He was an all round genius, not only is he the best painter and artist to live but he invented some of the worlds most used objects like the helicopter and the movable bridge, and he was a scientist, a maths genius, poet and far far more, a real genius

Truly one of the best minds the world has ever seen. Amazing genius with never ending curiosity about each and everything. A mind truly centuries ahead of his competitors or peers per se... He invented a flying machine centuries before the apple fell on newtons head.. ;-)

He was a do-it-all GOD. He was almost 300 years ahead of his time, inventing tech no one else could think of. He designed the first helicopter, painted the Mona Lisa (which I think is just a normal painting, but that's my opinion), dissected humans to find out about the human body (illegally. Stealing corpses was a legal crime

Einstein and Newton were smarter in mathematics and physics. Leonardo the Vinci had a wider range of intelligence, though. He was a Renaissance man in more ways than one. Just picture Stephen Hawking in the body of Michael Phelps with the talent of Prince. - TangyTiger

This guy was the ultimate GENIUS! He excelled in every single subject, amazing! Maths, Writing, Engineering, Military Engineer, Artist, Philosopher, Chemist, Physicist, Biologist the lost goes on and on, this man was a pure genius.

There are many amazing people who are a genius in there given field, but only the Vinci was a genius in EVERY field he showed interest in. No one in history was as talented in so many areas as he was.

He is not just the smartest, he es the greatest. His job is painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer.

He was a great artist who painted the greatest painting ever, but he also made designs for: the machine gun, tank, submarine, helicopter, 500 years before most of these things were invented.

Leonardo Da Vinci was estimated to have an IQ higher than Einstein, but that's not even all of it. All Einstein did was five digits: E=Mc2. That's nothing! If Leonardo Da Vinci lived twice as long, he would have gotten that easy.

In my opinion Leonardo the Vinci was the smartest human being of all time with the most capable mind. He invented things in the middle ages that we didn't use until centuries later. He was not a genius in only one field, but many. He was an artist, inventor, mathematician...the list goes on. He was in a class of his own and deserves infinate applause & appreciation. I can't imagine what he would be thinking of if he lived in our time today.

Leonardo the Vinci was the ultimate genius. He was a painter, a sculptor, an author, an anatomist and a fine chef at the same time, not to mention the first true aeronautic engineer. I mean, he actually saw the whole world as his canvas. And yes, he made a radical change to it.

He was a writer, sculpture, painter, inventor, philosopher, and mathematician. Who ever has a brain that incredible. People devote their entire lives just trying to master one of these subjects, and the Vanci mastered them all. Anything that requires you to be smart the Vinci was a master of. This type of smartness is an intelligence even geniuses are jealous of.