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Muhammad (570 AD - 632 AD) was an Arabian Prophet, best known as the central figure (And last prophet) of the Abrahamic religion of Islam and is amongst the most revered and important historical figures in the world.


He was the last prophet sent from Allah (SWT) and was the one who told people to do the right things..
He was kind, he was intelligent and wise of course from most parts. He delivered the message from Allah and displayed an example for us Muslims of how to be just to other people, how we are supposed to treat people even if they're not Muslims... Treat them like they're Muslims. Here is a short story of his kindness, Mohammad (P.B.U.H) had a neighbor which was a woman, who disliked him because he always talked about Islam and every time she had rubbish, she threw it on Mohammad when he always came out of his house. So he didn't say anything and kept carrying on as usual and the women thought, this is strange he did nothing. One day Mohammad (P.B.U.H) heard that the women ( his neighbor) is ill and he went to her house to ask her about how she is and the woman was scared that Mohammad is here to get his revenge and started asking for forgiveness and said that please don't do ...more

He was the last and final messenger and prophet of Allah he was the most beautiful and intelligent man ever born...
He was the King, the Lord and Superior of all the Prophets before him.

He was really wonderful. Once a lady came to him and asked to order divorce from her husband because of her husband's dirtiness in dressings etc. The Prophet Muhammad called the man and advised him to be tidy and come to his gathering. When he came back, tidy and smart, the prophet asked the lady whether she still wanted the divorce. The lady smiled and withdrew her allegation against her husband and requested the prophet to order him to remain smart like this.

I am sure there is some underestimation about Mohamed, he is the number 1, believe it or not.

Whatever people say, they should remember that he is considered as best law makers, his followers believe in lot of things that now medical science believe in, for example human brain is programmed to sleep twice a day, his followers used to take afternoon nap for centuries. He is also considered a great leader still having lot of followers, so even if you not consider him prophet still needs to consider a Great man.

Socially Intelligent, strategically brilliant, Divinely Inspired. A leader who is inspirational, driving and empathetic. A leader who united all the Arabs. Who founded what was to become one of the greatest civilization and culture. Intelligence is a wide subject and there are different perceptions of intelligence.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, that man made boxing history. He fought with streetsmarts and very high intelligence.
Big Ups for my main man!

Successor to Jesus and still has influence unlike his predecessor.

Soon his people will control the world like his predecessors people did centuries ago. Then he will be the most influential person so no way he is stupid!

Muslim pride world wide!

Muhammad is the most intelligent or smart person in the world history from Adam to the last person (who will born on this earth).. And And it is been said that 99%of intelligency was given to muhammad by Allah and rest 1% divided into from first person Adam to the last person who will born...&it is truth...Muhammad is only the reason the whole world is made brothers and sisters...Believe and follow him you will be success...Allah is the only God...And please bro &sis believe and worship him alone

His Intellect Was Of the Highest Degree And even in those times of ignorance he turned out to be the best and smartest amongst his own people by HAVING GREAT KNOWLEDGE ON ALL FRONTS.

He is the smartest man in history

Fought all his life for equality and peace. Fought for the slaves and the women. He believed that the color of the skin doesn't make a human anything more or less, he believed that the only thing that could make someone good or bad is his actions.

This holy man was The MOST knowledgeable and wise person that ever stepped on the surface of this Earth. He is the best of man kind and knows what is best. he was so smart and knowledgeable that he knew how bad doing one sin was. This man did commit not one sin or mistake in his life. HE DID MAKE ONE MISTAKE, if it was in war, religion etc. He knew what was best, however this power and knowledge came from the al-mighty god Allah.

Prophet Muhammad is one of the most influential man in this history of human civilization and his teachings still provide peace of mind and the best way of life for all the humans in this world as his teachings provide sound basis for not only religious people but also for the logical mind.

There was No one like Him, There is no One like Him and there will be no one like Him... He taught us what really life is not only in words but by His deeds...

Great boxer, would be smartest person in the world if it wasn't for all the hits in the head he took.

Once he punched me really hard. That's smarts.

The prophet and greatest man in history

The greatest and wisest person ever in the history of human. He was the smartest person, he is the smartest and he will stay smartest person ever..

No one could have predicted things he did... That the moon is devoid of its own light but that its a reflection of sun's light in the early 600 AD... Not possible.. And that's just one

Simply a leader, an inspirational teacher, a Man who devoted his entire life for the love of Allah and the good of Mankind, never for his wealth

Mercy and blessing to mankind. We would have been lost without him his kindness generosity and intelligence is on a different level to all of mankind. Best human to ever walked on the face of earth peace be upon him.

He is the best man because he is meant to be that by god. He success in all aspects as a prophet, as a peace spreader, as a leader, as a king, as a husband, as a father as a warrior. He is only to provide a complete code of life.

He is the prophet of Islam, and if you read about his life story you will have no doubt that he is the smartest and the best man in history.

He knew everything... it is documented that he talked about big bang and chlorophyll and many more recent (give or take a few hundred years) discoveries more than 1700 years ago