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Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current electricity supply system, X rays, Radio, Remote Control, Laser, and electric motors. Tesla developed and used more.


The greatest mind the world has ever seen, was able to conduct electrical experiments nearly two centuries ago that scientists still have difficulty replicating today, and some of which have not been duplicated since his lifetime. Even more admirable than tesla's unparalleled genius, however was his empathy and concern for the betterment of human society as a whole. Illustrated in his desire to give the world an unlimited supply of free electrical energy. Tesla was not seeking to make a profit off of his genius, but instead wanted to improve upon the living conditions of not only his contemporaries, but also for their descendants and the future generations that would follow. An exemplary individual in every sense of the word, and if his name were to be fully claimed by the annals of history, and his memory completely forgotten, it would be a great tragedy to the many that would be deprived of the knowledge of his character and contributions.

Tesla as cosmologist had his own philosophical and religious position:

Aristotle stated that there is an independent higher spirit in cosmic space - enteleheia. This spirit sets mater in motion and a thought is his main attribute. In the same way, Tesla believed that uniform Cosmos is joint in material and spiritual sense. There is some nucleus in cosmic space, form from which we take all strength, inspiration, which attracts us forever. Tesla felt its power and its values, which it sends all around the Universe and keeps it in harmony. He couldn't guess the secret of this nucleus but he knew that it exists, and when he wanted to give it some material attribute, he ascribed that it is LIGHT, and when he tried to understand its spiritual principle, then it were BEAUTY and sympathy. A man who keeps this religion in himself, feels strong, works with joy because he feels himself as a part of universal harmony.

Me as a german, who maybe had the greatest minds in history got to stick to him. What he did is just sheer amazing, he made the modern world possible. And there is still stuff which hasn't been realized nowadays, but seems to be possible and I am writing it 2013 so do it!
And Hitler number 1 is this real he was a lunatic and made really bad decisions for gods sake in war. I mean because of him we lost the war really badly and I am glad about it. But I hate that we did lose some of the best people germany ever had. Like Einstein, Hilbert and so on and on. Germany almost lost all of their important people in that time, who not only were great persons in science, also in character. The saddest thing about it is, that it there never have been any clues what will happen, but that other countries denied to take so much immigrants and left them to get killed by the german SS, who were the biggest cowards of all, because of killing helpless people. I hate the SS but am still proud of how ...more

No expression of speech could possibly overestimate the genius and prescience of Nikola Tesla; nevertheless, it is only fitting to exalt some compliments of gratitude in his name, if merely for the sake of bringing to the attention of the world a man who has been mostly forgotten. His specialty is in all things electric, however, it was and is his vision of the future that earns his rightful place among the most important people in history. For those still doubtful of this man's significance, and who require physical evidence, it can be argued that without Tesla's teleautomaton, you would not be able to read this very message.

He invented the radio (not Marconi), the x-ray (not Rontgen), the radar (not Watson), transistor, earthquake machine, the remote control, neon lighting, electric motor, wireless communications and other.
He spoke eight languages (Serbian, English, Czech, German, French, Hungarian, Italian and Latin).
He could memorize entire books and recite them at will.
He could visualize devices entirely in his head and then build them without ever writing anything down.
Oh right, that was something Tesla invented but didn't share it with the world probably because he was afraid of uninspired jackasses stealing his patents.

He made the ultimate sacrifice and he died a virgin so humanity could profit from his genial mind! Just think about it, how many great men did that? Einstein? No, he had not 1, but 2 wives! Even Stephen Hawking had 2 of them! Some even claim that Jesus Christ had a wife! But not Tesla, he staid true to his game! Just for for this fact alone he could be considered the smarted man ever!

There are many legends on Nikola Tesla, but I have some clue on technology and I know that any skeptic could not deny that Marconi roundly needed the Tesla's patents to develop "his" radio patent, it is obvious when you look at the patents as the bipolar Tesla coil, sparkgap, suply & transformer... Etc
It is well known that Marconi was a fascist and a close friend of dictatorship Mussolini and it is enough to me to lack the respect of somebody that had been accused several times of plagiarism like Lodge's patents. I don't understand why some scientists (and other that want to be) expose theirselves to just deny the value of Tesla's inventions when it is obvious that they are wrong, but just because people created many urban legends.

He created things man couldn't dream of, he was deemed crazy but in hundreds if years to come he will gain his recognition, people are already using some of his ideas, he was also a man for the people, he didn't care about profit, he only cared about the development and the movement forward for man kind. He wanted to make electricity free by use of the tesla coil without using any wires, even now that seems futuristic. If only the people that hunger for money allowed him to grow, the world as we know it would be improved ten fold. Smartest man in history! No doubt!

Simply Tesla had revolutionized electricity and many other things before the world even really began to look at them. Like sonar, remote control, and x-rays. He was simply a man ahead of his time. It makes me quite sad that Jesus is before him. After all Tesla died a man with no money and his work mostly attributed to others. Truly is sad to know that a man who only wanted to benefit mankind died an unsung hero for the most part.

His genius is exponentially underrated because most of absolutely theoretically impossible theories and inventions were laughed by the narrow minded scientists at the time. His brilliance can't be measured. His inventions that made scientists laugh at are now becoming proven. A lot of his ideas we can't even get our heads around it... He is truly the smartest and greatest mind we have ever had walk on this earth.

With out Tesla, Einstein would not have had his Break through discovery to take him out of the Pattern office. Even to this day Tesla's work has not been explained or even understood by Einstein, Steven Hawkins, or anyone else to date. He worked toward humanitarian needs, and did not promote himself. The reason others are put ahead of Nikola Tesla is, because they others were promoted and are know more commonly than Mr. Tesla. If he was a self promoter like Edison ; He would have be the most famous person in the world. 90% of the would probably have no idea who discovered Alternating Current. I have heard some attributing it to Edison, But Edison was only working on Direct Current, He also try to discourage everyone away from AC, Because it detracted form his fame, money and Power. Edison used money and others people's money to push Tesla into the darkness. Still today, half of Tesla patterns and idea are stow away some where, because of fear of the inventions or greed.

Selfless intelligence that revolutionized the way we use technology in this modern age. People stole and used his works to better their own agenda's, yet Tesla did not stop them or accuse them of theft. He just worked and continued to invent machines and ideas that still leave the academic minds of today in awe of his sheer resolute.

Yes Nikola Tesla is by far the greatest mind that ever lived. He was ahead of his time in his day and people of the time could not comprehend his visions and so he was unable to get financial backing but still managed to achieve greatness. He invented the first logic gate (computers) and envisioned some kind of internet but people just could not comprehend such things. Still today whatever gadget you have there's sure to be some part of Tesla in there somewhere. That's true genius!

Nikola Tesla invented many of the technologies we use today. Albert Einstein was smart, but his main contributions to the world were theories. Tesla changed the world with the creation of the radio, AC generator, and etc. Tesla brought the world in the light, literally. Everything runs on an AC generator. Yet most people don't even know his name. Unbelievable!

Nikola Tesla is a genius that influenced the world with his innovative thinking and advanced technological thinking he was not only a visionary in the literal sence, but also a humanitarian that cared about the future. Unfortunately like every good charechter in a story there is always someone who is greedy, in Tesla's case it was Thomas Edisson who was bankrolled by J.P. morgan and together they wanted to monopolize their business in the field of electricity. The only thing that stood in their way was Tesla, the victim of enterprise and greed.

This man I have to say is the smartest man ever. He created ac power and also he knew how to have wireless power that worked. He was a genius that was held down for his time. No other scientist can come close to him. And also interesting fact is Nikola tesla's dream was to have unlimited free wireless power.

His experiments with electricity and his multitude of inventions were far ahead of others in the field. His ability to work out the problems and design of his inventions in his mind before even attempting to build anything has never been equaled. He was brilliant in a multitude of scientific areas, spoke, read and wrote in a number of languages. He did not merely work in theory, but in principle.

He had an amazing career in all sense. Highly dedicated person who worked tirelessly for the mankind and I personally believe that modern generation hardly know about his contribution towards science due to overemphasis of fundamental theoretical knowledge of equations created during Einstein's reign. Many of his achievements were credited to others for the sake making their own reputation and financial gain. He never related science with bussiness and that's why he remained ordinary person even though being the best in world of his time. His famous quote I remember is " The present is theirs: the future for which I really worked, is mine." that's itself says a lot about who is the smartest men in history of mankind.

That Thomas Edison is given more credit and respect than this man, is criminal. I believe if more people knew the truth of what he really did to further science and technology for the world, he would at the very least always remain in the top 2.

Father of wireless technology, radio controlled boat, radio communication, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist, contributed to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system patented AC induction motor and transformer... There can be only one.

If Nikola Tesla was born in any time but the one he was the world we be even more different than it was with him in his time. If he was born hundreds or even thousands of years before his time he would have been seen as a God due to his ability to see how things would work before even designing blue prints or building prototypes and if he was born in our time science institutes and governments would simply through their money, resources, and peons at him just to see what he could do.

This man was somewhat a being born into a plane of existence that he didn't belong. I'm saying he was metaphysical. He really was. Because his perception of the world, his mannerisms towards society, and his technological achievements were not of the time or place in which he lived.

Amazing intellect. Never made a mistake in his calculations, in over 700 patents! No other scientist could or can match that. Super-genius and mega-mind. He made and drove the car without engine?!?! My opinion is that very little people know all the things he did and was thinking about. That's why he's not 1st on this list. Please, inform yourself more about this spectacular man.

Little Niki is definitely smarther than any other scientist that we know of today. Why? Well one simple reason! He was a man who saw things very clearly, was not concerned with money, women, fame, even his own comfort. He was a pure genius who lived on a different level than most of us. He never married stayed true to science and himself. He saw higher power inside of himself and wanted just to share it with the world (free energy for all). Isn't that our birthright just as air or wather is. He spoke of Love, Divine, God, Tesla realized that we are all divine. He was a vegetarian total non violence. Only those with clear and pure mind can realize non-violence and peace!

Truly one of the greatest minds in history. His achievements should stand alongside DaVinci and Newton, yet are overshadowed by the Machiavellian methods that his rival Edison utilized in destroying him.