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301 Jimmy Page Jimmy Page James Patrick Page is an English musician, songwriter, and record producer who achieved international success as the guitarist and founder of the rock band Led Zeppelin.

He out smarted all us Americans into buying his bands records while we were all high as a kite on good weed! God Save Jimmy! We love the man anyway cause we are so stupid and he is great.

302 Max Planck Max Planck Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck, FRS was a German theoretical physicist whose work on quantum theory won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918.
303 Shivaji Shivaji Shivaji Bhonsle, also known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, was an Indian warrior king and a member of the Bhonsle Maratha clan.

The Great marata

Shivaji 1 - akshaysonawane

Is that a guy?!?!


304 Skrillex Skrillex Skrillex is an American (Born in 1988, in Los Angeles, California) EDM producer who is known for popularizing dubstep. He is part of the bands Jack Ü (DJ) and From First To Last (Lead Singer). His album Recess debuted at 4 on the BB200, tying him with Zedd for the highest debut for an EDM album on more.

He can drop the bass

305 Walter O'Brien

4th smartest person in the world

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306 Miriam Defensor Santiago Miriam Defensor Santiago Miriam Defensor Santiago is a Filipino politician, notable for having served in all three branches of the Philippine government – judicial, executive, and legislative.

This woman is like the smartest woman in the Philippines. She had passed in the top 1 and top 2 university on earth, one in Oxford Universtity. She has a private which contains more than 1 million books. became the first asian to be a judge of the international criminal court. and tons of achievements and intellectual talents. - EvHead

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307 Acharya Chanakya

The biggest economist of India the kingmaker

Its already above in the list...please do not add names over and over again vote one option

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308 Enrico Fermi
309 Oliver Cahnman
310 Sabeer Bhatia
311 Jakob Frederick

Fur elise is easy I could do that when I was 8 - isoldeivens18

I could do fur elise when I was 6 Boom!

"This man is amazingly talented. He has an iq of 165.He can play the drums with one hand, he can also play Fur Elise by Beethoven blind folded."

312 Ernesto Che Guevara
313 C. V. Raman
314 Jeremiah
315 Julius Nyerere
316 Évariste Galois

Although he lived only 20 years, he had created new methods and proofs of math that proved too beyond the minds of the greatest mathematicians at his time. He is often considered the

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317 Ray Winstone
318 Ban Ki-moon
319 Noah Webster
320 Alan Becker

This guy is the worlds smartest person ever!

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