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Stephen William Hawking (January 8, 1942 - March 13, 2018) was an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author and Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology within the University of Cambridge.


Stephen Hawking is probably the smartest person ever known. Jesus is the most powerful person ever. (I believe he really is true, 1000s of years ago, that is. ) Albert Einstein had to have most of his theories backed up by Stephen Hawking, right? Ok, so maybe Albert discovered the theory of relativity, and Jesus saved us all from death, but come on, Stephen Hawking has much knowledge of the universe and is currently helping us, in 2012, a lot. (ever seen science channel on DirectTV? ) (channel 284) There's a show called "Stephen Hawking's brave new world. " And that's all I have to say about this. But, I'm only 9 years old. So I can be disproven. And to show you how smart I am, I once gave a star/black hole/wormhole lecture to 5th grade. (skipped a grade. ) And I'm sorry for punctuation because I'm running out of battery. So that's my conclusion.

He is way smarter than everyone on this list maybe excluding jesus laugh out loud but yeah put him to 2

Concisely and precisely speaking Stephen Hawking is better than Einstein and as such holds himself as the number 1 in this list. It is because he is not only the most intelligent but also the most brave. Despite his physical disability and a prospect of an early death he managed to further up and validate einstein's progress on our understanding of the universe. Einstein was seemingly gifted owing to his thicker corpus callosum which might have been present since his birth. Moreover much of his theories turn out to be a mystery to most of the people. On the other hand Hawking seems to be more comprehensible who not only first understood the former's work but also took it to the next higher level. Well we must appreciate this living Legend, there is no doubt that none can equal Einstein but if Einstein is at the first position then this man deserves nothing less than being at par and preferably must occupy the zeroth rank...

I think considering the difficulties that life sent him it is amazing that his brain has still managed to give the world what it has and that his determination has allowed that brain to continue working when I am sure his body just wanted to stop. God bless and keep him for as long as he can make it. He may not have the best personality or ability to cope in relationships but the vast majority of us (without his intellectual abilities or his physical disabilities) are not much better so let us judge him for what he has achieved and not for what he has not. The longer he stays with us the more the human race gains so hopefully he will continue to fight longer.

A clever brain. A clever man. He has had a tough life but it doesn't stop you destroying your dreams. I think he is a great scientist and if I was a scientist I would look up to him as a target. A target to be as great as Stephen Hawking, one of the most smartest people in the history of the world. And personally how is Jesus Christ better than Stephen Hawking. Nobody knows if what he did was true like healing people and all that - JacknLou1e

I am a physicist, and among physicists, while many admire Hawking for being able to pursue his intellectual goals while physically handicapped, he is certainly NOT one of the ten smartest people who have ever lived. I think we should only allow dead people on this list, for only after a person has been dead for some time can their accomplishments truly be evaluated.

He should be number two or even one! Most inspirational person in the world! His movie was spectacular and one of the saddest films I've ever seen! Stephan Hawking Never ever give up hope! His quotes were so very sad! I should have done him for my biography because that how inspirational he is." Where there is love there is hope."- Stephan hawking

Dr. Hawking lis likely the smartest man on this list, likely smarter than even Newton. The man has opened up our idea's of the Universe by orders of magnitude, if not for him we would have no idea about black holes, or inertial decay on stellar bodies, and has proven the vast majority of Einsteins theory of special relativity to be correct, and in such expanded on the laws of thermodynamics.

His ignorant opinions on other fields actually demonstrates that he is quite small and petty minded. He's gifted in one area and a mega moron in many others. Yes - I am dissing his intellect.

Although Stephen Hawking worked largely off of Einstein's research, I'm willing to bet that if Stephen Hawking lived in the 30s and Einstein lived now, Einstein would be working off of Hawking's research. I'd say they're pretty equal, one just has the advantage of 40 extra years of technology and science. It takes a real genius to understand quantum mechanics and general relativity, let alone how they interact, let alone create sound theories about them. Which is exactly what he does.

Stephen should be number 5 or 4 because he is the one who discovered the theory of black holes. Also, Stephen has a really sad story, because he got a disease and had pneumonia and that's what made him not talk. Doctors may have said he only had 2 years to live, but he's already lived with the disease for almost 50 years!

Easily the most widely recognized and influential persona of the past century, his work on expanding upon and clarifying his predecessors' work is beyond exemplary. His vision for the future of mankind is truly inspiring, and his outlook on the spectacular majesty of existence goes beyond the need for mythological creator deities and the associated mythologies. A truly enlightened mind.

Stephen Hawking has influenced minds all over the world. He explains the most complicated concepts in physics with fluidity and patience; truly a great teacher with a powerful mind.

Yeah, you guys probably think that all those other people up there in the list are smarter but come on! Stephen hawking is disabled! And for him to discover and do all that stuff! Its truly unexplainable! But he did kind of have the help of technology...

How is Jesus above him? Jesus was a man who said wise things, which most were valid advice. Stephen Hawking, however, is a genius. He helped discover what black holes really were, and has gone far and beyond being a "one hit wonder." He has continued research in black holes, as well as theories about multiple universes along with nearly every field in general relativity.

The guy knows so much about physics and gravity. Something which sciences knowledge and understanding is currently lacking furthermore he knows a lot about other things like math. Do vote for some religious figure if there is no evidence they lived. The bible and quran can make anyone as smart as they want.

He is not only a great scientist but he also possesses a great art of teaching. I have read his book the brief history of time in which he has beautifully explained the wonders of the universe in a simple and understandable manner.

Despite his disability this man is one of the smartest people on earth. He is someone that I could only dream of being and he really is someone that has changed the world.

I'm still not sure what Hawking did that made him so famous. I mean, I know that Einstein had his special theory of relativity and Marie Curie discovered radium and polonium. It's not that I'm not smart enough to get it but I just don't have time to look into it.

I personally think he is the smartest person in human history for not solving or proving theory's but for questioning the very beginning of time. Combining religion and science in harmony without rejecting either belief

I think Stephen Hawking is the 2nd smartest person because he is the smartest man alive and he found a black hole in our universe also he is lucky because the ALS he was diagnosed with made it so he has 5 years to live also watch the theory of everything

He is further into time so therefore he knows more than Albert Einstein

It dose not matter how u look from the outside it is what u are from the inside that makes us how we are and what makes u different from other living things. Looks can fool!

I'm sorry but Stephan Hawking should be number two and possibly one.. Stephan Hawking has went though a lot and we will alway remember him... Stephan hawking made us believe and believing is hope. I made that up myself!

I chose Stephen Hawking because he is the smart man in the world he is alive he discovered black hole he is really good at physic. I love him so much because he thinks he is not smart. he thinks people are smart.