Smartest Survivor Players


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21 Malcolm Freberg Malcolm Freberg

Awesome strategies that made sense, but just didn't pan out.

22 Kelley Wentworth
23 Robert Crowley

Very deserving to win... Even jeff probst was amazed with his fake hidden immunity idol and all of the kota tribe liked him a good leader and a good winner

Created 2 fake idols during one season which lead to him winning

24 Andrea Boehlke
25 Brian Heidik

He created the strategy that rob mariano used to win redemption island except for the fact he needed to try four times and twice didn't make the merge

26 Tony Vlachos
27 Mike Holloway Mike Holloway
28 Dave Ball
29 Amanda Kimmel
30 Willard Smith

He was cool that he didn't even watch his own season!

31 Heidi Strobel
32 David Murphy
33 Yau-Man Chan
34 Sean Kenniff

Alphabet strategy was truly brilliant. Kept the blood off his hands as long as he could before they took out this mastermind.

35 Francesca Hogi Francesca Hogi
36 Angelia Layton
37 Jenn Brown

You are in my top 20 for the hottest players to ever play

38 Jon Dalton Jon Dalton

The grandma lie was such a crazy move. Jonny is one big game changer that can manipulate anyone easily. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

39 Stephen Fishbach
40 Joe Anglim Joe Anglim
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