Smartest Survivor Players

Top ten smartest players. Not greatest but smartest, most devious and cunning to ever play the American reality show, Survivor.

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21 Kelley Wentworth
22 Malcolm Freberg Malcolm Freberg

Awesome strategies that made sense, but just didn't pan out.

23 Robert Crowley

Very deserving to win... Even jeff probst was amazed with his fake hidden immunity idol and all of the kota tribe liked him a good leader and a good winner

Created 2 fake idols during one season which lead to him winning

24 Andrea Boehlke
25 Amanda Kimmel

Why is Parvati #1? What did she ever do besides the double idol play? Cirie, Amanda, and Natalie did more than she did on the BWB, Nate was the strategist of the Raros in CI, she won against a jury that was biased because of Ozzy's speech that made it seem like Amanda was just a nice girl and Parvati was cutthroat and strategic, couldn't manipulate Russhole to vote out Sandra at final 4 though even if she does she loses to Jerri, and she wasn't even smart enough to respect the future jurors on HvV. Parvati's a good player but I will never understand why she's #1.

Amanda, however, hardly gets enough credit. She masterminded the James blindside in China and made much more social relationships than Todd and Courtney, but her final tribal council performance screwed her over. In Micronesia, despite being low on the totem pole after the Ozzy blindside she managed to weave her way into the Black Widow Brigade using her relationship with Parvati and prior all girls final 3 deal, ...more

26 Brian Heidik

He created the strategy that rob mariano used to win redemption island except for the fact he needed to try four times and twice didn't make the merge

27 Tony Vlachos
28 Mike Holloway Mike Holloway
29 Dave Ball
30 Johnny Fairplay Dalton

Biggest liar to play the game. -

31 Colton Cumbie Colton Cumbie

If you have no likability and quit twice in survivor, you're unintelligent and definitely not one of the smartest players.

I hate him so dearly but I sorta have to agree with this

32 Willard Smith

He was cool that he didn't even watch his own season!

33 Heidi Strobel
34 David Murphy
35 Yau-Man Chan
36 Sean Kenniff

Alphabet strategy was truly brilliant. Kept the blood off his hands as long as he could before they took out this mastermind.

37 Francesca Hogi Francesca Hogi
38 Angelia Layton
39 Jenn Brown

You are in my top 20 for the hottest players to ever play

40 Jon Dalton Jon Dalton
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