Top Ten Smartest Things to Do While Making a List Remix

The Top Ten

1 Remix lists with topics you know about

Then you can be more open, like it more, and be happy!

Don't remix lists you don't know about or know too little about. - EpicJake

2 Add dishonorable mentions
3 Add a description
4 Remix lists that are your style
5 Change the order from the original list
6 Comment on at least 2 items on your remix
7 Remix lists you like
8 Comment on your dishonorable mentions

Hmm, this thing is important. Otherwise people always have some questions why do you hate it. - zxm

9 Choose wisely
10 Avoid remixing trolling lists

The Contenders

11 Think about what order you want the items in before posting
12 Express your opinion
13 Add new items
14 Make different items than the list

It will make your remix unique, which will draw more people to it. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

BAdd New Item