Top Ten Smartest Way to Save Money

The Top Ten Smartest Way to Save Money

1 Don't Smoke

Yes Don't Smoke to save money

2 Take Short Showers

I have trouble when taking shorter showers.

3 Keep Lights and Power-points Off When Not Need
4 Don't Buy Expensive Clothes

Or other designer items:

Baby blankets:

Amazon: $10
Department store: $60
Ross: $5

5 Don't Buy Things You Are Not Going to Use
6 Don't Be an Alcoholic
7 Don't Leave Taps Running
8 Buy Cheaper Meal Options
9 Put Money in A Piggy Bank That Can Only Be Opened By Hitting it With a Hammer
10 Split a meal that has large portions with a friend or family member

The Contenders

11 Don't Buy Drugs
12 Use Coupons and Discounts
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