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1 iPhone 5s

I phone 5s the best

I love this phone it's the best

iPhone is just epic epic

It is the best smartphone with fingerprint scanner on the home button which one of the best passcode in the world, it's design, camera, display is very comfortable to use when you buy an apple product such as iPhone ipad iPod E.T. C they doesn't struce, hang, it's touch doesn't Fade away so, my conclusion is buying iPhone is best although it is worthy

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2 HTC One

Nexus 6 destroys the speakers from the htc one 8 or any htc with front boom speakers

Best phone in the market no doubt about that but need to focus on camera

This is the best phone

This IS THE BEST SMARTPHONE OF 2014anf ANY other year for that matter. I LOVE my HTC one m8

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3 Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Best phone up until now. Best top-end specs. Awesome display and screen size. Large storage. Perfect for multitasking. It has all the best features and specs. Can't wait for Note 4!

The phone is incurable.

This phone can do what the iPhone 5s cannot do. Beast of a phone I had it and no problems with it

This is the best phone ever. I haven't had any problems with it

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4 Samsung Galaxy S4

Tis great but shouldn't the next gen one be better

This is better than htc one I promise

Should be 1st. Its camera is awesome. The features are great. It really should top - srishti

I love Samsung. There phones r great - bobmaster

5 Sony Xperia Z

Best smartphone of the decade

Love this phone,easy to handle,good quality of camera and unique application

6 LG G2

This phone is awful. When I make a call, other person cannot hear and screen turns black so cannot end the call...

No contest! Really amazing LG caught up and passed the top 3 gadget makers with the G2.

I own this phone and it is awesome... no regrets

7 Google Nexus 5

Ignoring the price it is a great phones. Including the price this phone trumps the rest.

Best Phone Ever And I Own a iPhone and friend owns a iPhone 5

Using it now. Fantastic phone.

Best smartphone I have ever had to date.

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8 Nokia Lumia 1520

Window 8 are way better then other phone because they have awesome camera

Amazing camera, design super fast my favorite lumia series

Window 8 is awesome. Way better than android. Has the best camera

What do you think, it is a new generation to the world, containing amazing and useful things such as the camera and OneDrive from which you can share photos and other amazing things. Simply the best

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9 Samsung Galaxy S5

What galaxy note and s4 are good but what is galaxy s5 doing all the way down here?! Now I know how idiotic the human race is...

Why isn't this first on the list. All you haters and ignorant fools!

So awesome. Why the heck is it not no. 1?!?!

#1 comparable to galaxy note 4 and I phone 6 definitely better than all these.

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10 Motorola Moto G

Motorola is just a best smartphones at the lowest price you can get so affordable and reliable phones in the house

It's just a nice phone over all. Nothing really bad about it.


There's no better phone that you'll get at such a low price.
I myself own a Moto G and I'm in love with it.. - Sudip_Kr

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11 iPhone 6

The 100 million dollar money

Great size for a phone

12 Sony Xperia Z1


I love this phone is number 1

13 BlackBerry Passport
14 OnePlus One


15 LG G3

This phone should be number 1

Easily best phone. first phone with qhd. highest pixel density screen ever built on planet earth. that paired with the newest 801 processer, a 3000 milliamp battery, 3 gigs of ram, expandable storaqe. a 13 mp camera with laser focus and image stabilization. the g3 has to be the best phone of 2014.

16 iPhone 5c

It's a very good phone

I think that the iphone 5c is the seconed

17 Sony Xperia Z2

It's already an Award Winning Android device from SONY. Ultimate Performance, Legendary Design & A Very Very Very Handsome Device... #1 (No Doubt)

Xperia Z2 should be number one. Simply the best

18 Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

I have a Z1 C and I would dare say this is the best phone I can buy in the whole world..

Iphone 5c absolutely is horrible. Apple is so limited

* Simple use by one hand
* Light weight
* Weather & sock proof
* Kit kat and lot of mod support
* Having the power in small form factor

19 Moto X
20 Micromax Canvas Turbo
21 Nokia Lumia 920

#2 phone after the Nokia Lumia 1520

Best smartphone ever best game best camera best everything vote buy for it better than any smartphone

Best smartphone till now I own one my uncle has z2 Sony my mother has z and the best is this and HTC one is not good 😞

22 iPhone 6 Plus

It's a really big phone

23 Xiaomi Mi3

Best phone cheap in price

24 Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
25 HTC One Max
26 HTC Desire 816

Comparable to flagship Phones in specs but in a mid-price package

27 HTC One M8

This phone is much better than the original HTC One. its smoother, and operates better. this definitely goes for number 1

28 Nokia Lumia 521

#3 phone after the Nokia Lumia 1520 and the 920

Good phone to buy

29 Samsung Galaxy Ace
30 Samsung Galaxy Note 4

It is a beast. I've personally used Note 4 and iPhone 6,6+ and I can definitely say that no phone on planet can compete with this beast.

Display - QHD (Best till date)

Perocessor - 2.7GHz Qualcolumn Snapdragon 805(Fastest till date)

Camra - 16MP + OIS (Best till date)

Charging Time - 50% in 22 minutes (Fastest till date)

Front Camra - 3.7MP (Best till Date)

Sensors - Sorry I can't list because it is such a HUGE list. (Most till Date)

Look - Best till Date

Ram - 3GB (Highest till date)

Functionality - Most functional till date

Overall - Best phone till date.

Note 4
Nexus 6
Sony xperia z3
Oneplus one
Best smartphones of the year in my opinion
Do to ram, clock speed, and high end specs

31 Google Nexus 6

Why is this down here? - noo7na7

I think the nexus six is going to be the best smarthphone of the year do to the fact that its one of the fastest smartphones right now it also has the best spec for a low cost with sucky features but I guess they lowered the price than it should have been I'm just 12 its just an opinion ok I hate periods

32 LG Nexus 5
33 LG G Flex
34 LG Nexus 4
35 Galaxy Note 3
36 Samsung Galaxy Note 2
37 LG G Pro
38 LG Optimus G
39 Samsung Galaxy S3
40 Motorola Defy
41 Nokia Lumia 1020

The phone that has the best camera ever. With 41MP camera, Lumia 1020 is the best...

42 Nokia Lumia 820
43 Galaxy Note
44 Sony Xperia Z Ultra
45 Acer Liquid E2

Price is affordable but durable

46 Casio G' Zone Commando

Togh smartphone in military specs.

47 Sony Xperia Z3

It's the best fully waterproof and dust proof smartphone with latest android KitKat (4.4.4). It has 2.3 GHZ and is octacore processor. It has 20.7 megapixel back camera with 2.2 megapixel front camera. It has the ability to do 4K video recording. We can also play ps4 games on it if you have a PS4 with it's remote. It comes in four colors and is the latest smartphone by Sony. The four colors are green, white, black and chrome. It's very slim and it's screen resolution is 1920p x 1080p. It is 5.2 inches. It's the best smartphone ever produced by Sony.

48 Sony Xperia Z3 Compact
49 Apple iPhone 6 Plus
50 Apple iPhone 6
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