Top Ten Smash Brothers 4 Ship Pairings

The Top Ten Smash Brothers 4 Ship Pairings

1 Link X Samus
2 Samus X Ike

Please makes this high

3 Peach X Bowser
4 Link X Lucina
5 Palutena X Ike
6 Zelda X Marth
7 Kirby X Jigglypuff
8 Villager Boy X Villager Girl
9 Marth X Samus
10 Cloud X Zelda

The Contenders

11 Rosalina X Cloud
12 Trashcan X Peach

Glad that the Peach X Master Roshi part is gone - yunafreya648

13 Rosalina x Ike
14 Daisy X Roy
15 Zelda X Link
16 Samus X Peach
17 Peach X Sephiroth

Sephiroth doesn't deserve that bimbo

I hope Sephiroth kills this bimbo slut

18 Luigi x Daisy
19 Daisy X Cloud
20 Rosalina X Peach
21 Captain Falcon X Peach
22 Sephiroth x Rosalina
23 Karel x Sephiroth

They are on opposite sides so it will never work.

24 Cloud x Lyn
25 Fox McCloud x Cream the Rabbit

Different ages, Fox already has Krystal, Cream should stay single, the list keeps going and going...

26 Ike x Cloud
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