Top Ten Smells Which Remind You of Your Childhood

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1 New Shoes

First thing I do after buying a shoe is smell it.

It smells so good.

I just buy shoes to smell it.

My parents always used to buy me Vans! I love the smell of them

2 Custard

I love getting frozen custard!

3 Freshly Cut Grass

Who doesn't love the sweet smell of a freshly mown lawn?

My dad used to let me ride on his lawnmower, but I got too big :(

4 Perfume

Once, my aunt proposed that perfume worked just like bug repellent and she brought that on our camping trip.
Spoiler alert: It doesn't. I got bit like, 36 times. - keycha1n

5 Burning Wood
6 Candy Floss
7 Leather

Another word for belt?

8 Cigarette Smoke
9 Fairground
10 Plastic

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11 Sunday Roast

As I've said before, I'm always taken back by the aroma of my mum cooking. But not quite as much as the sound of the screaming. - PositronWildhawk

12 Fresh Petrol

I can't stop smelling petrol.

Awesome smell

13 Crayons

The crayons smell would remind me of when I used to color or draw photos with them - trains45

Or play-dough


14 Beer

Er from the age of 8 you can drink a little sip of alcohol in a home. I drank it at parties when I was little.

15 Pine Tree

Gotta go with pine tree. Grew up around them. - Donut

16 Syrup

My mom and I used to make pancakes every weekend, and I always put a lot of syrup on them

17 Correction Pen

Or white-out fluid

18 Uncooked Rice

I actually ATE uncooked ride as a kid xDDD

19 Sausage

My family is mostly German and we live in Wisconsin, so eating bratwurst is a common occurrence. As a result, it’s my favorite type of sausage

Chinese sausage...MM...

It smell so good.It's the best.

20 Mother's Cooking

My mom is a pretty good cook. I love her Mac and cheese

21 Rain

I love rain!

22 Kerosene

Love it. HEAVEN!

23 Homemade Caramel Cream

My grandma's specialty - I like the smell of burning sugar. - Metal_Treasure

24 Shoe Polish
25 New Books and Copies
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