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21 Anubis

##22 what!? Anubis can absolutely destroy enemy gods. Top 5 god for sure!

I should get this huh well if he can destroy I will

Anubis is like a sitting duck with an RPG
So good but his moves make him stand in 1 place which is bad
2 is his only outand takes too long to charge

22 Bacchus V 1 Comment
23 Athena

Athena has a awesome taunt, A crazy ult if used well, a damaging three, a dash, and she has tons of health.

24 Sobek
25 Chang'e V 1 Comment
26 Ratatoskr

His attack is so fast and so is his mobility. He can escape any situation and never die.

He's OP ganker and with his passive ability being able to get different acorns which grant abilitys he can trap enemies and combine abilitys to get the easiest kills ever please consider using this rabid squirrel. plus he's cute af

27 Mercury

Mercury is awesome. His speed is insane, he has great gank potential and he can also escape pretty well with his speed and his dash :D

28 Aphrodite

Really great solo lane, can be a monster with soulmate with 2nd ability

She can surprise you if you underestimate her

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29 Cupid

Cupid can heal mid fight and escape mid fight plus his ult can stun when in a pinch.

30 Ullr

A god with 7 abilities is automatically a broken god. Not to mention he is a badass.

Awesome, complex play style with amazing damage

31 Anhur

Anhur is very underrated. His moves can be very powerful if used correctly

Although anhur lacks defense, his variety of skills can be very usefull when desperate and has great attack and critical hits deserves to be in the top fifteen.

Ughh, look I get you have your favorite myths, that's fine but seriously? Thor at No.2? Too many fanboys here. Anhur is by no means the best but he, Ymir and Thanatos deserve to be higher up.

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32 Sun Wukong

Sun wukong can shape-shift, regenerate health then attack, and is melee and long range

33 Vulcan V 1 Comment
34 Chaac

He is still broken enough to where his 1 can kill a god at 1/4 health

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35 Khepri

Khepri is Just The King of CC You can't stop him. Although ironicly his weakness is CC and quick Bursts of damage.

He Is a really good suporter. In combination witch anubis he can easily take down fire Giant or bull deamon with low lv. May he doesn't du that much dmg but he Is a really good suporter and Tank!

36 Nu Wa

A stun, great damage, nice utility, and great for finishing team fights

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37 Kukulkan V 1 Comment
38 Guan Yu
39 Ymir

Great support

Easiest guardian to play

I really like this guy

the best

40 Ne Zha

Very good for combo with other gods

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