Top Ten Smith's Chips Flavours

These chips have been classical favourites to most Australian kids and I am gonna share them

The Top Ten

1 Salt N Vinegar

These chips are really tangy and they give you a wow. The classical flavour and crunch is unbeatable - Hollybrewer

If is so tangy. Don't have it though if you have a cut in your mouth. - Hollybrewer

The best ever

Love them.

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2 Chicken Chicken The chicken is a type of domesticated fowl, a subspecies of the red junglefowl. It is one of the most common and widespread domestic animals, with a population of more than 19 billion as of 2011.

This classical flavour is so delicious and it has big mouth watering salt that makes me want them now - Hollybrewer

An old favorite with a traditional Aussie taste

Eat them they literally make you mouth water so crazerly they are the best if your reading this please vote for chicken so we can make us first instead of the disgusting salt N viniger

Love em

3 Sour Cream and Onion

It is so light - Hollybrewer

It’s so delicious. I could just eat the whole thing in one go mate.

4 Cheese and Onion

Had my first packet of Smith's chips in 1948 when I was 10 years old and have three pence to spend. Now 80 and still love the chips and this is my favourite.

The onion taste is delicious and you can taste the cheese too - Hollybrewer

The best flavour of the Smiths. Damn underrated. - Mumbizz01

God damn amazing

5 Barbeque

The second best flavor second to chicken which disappointingly wasn't on this list

Best flavour by far!

Sorry to tell you I love any of the chips range so I say all. You can not have a drink without theses bad boys. So please do not judge me they are the best all rock in this chip range.they have a chip for every occasion.

4th? this is an outrage.

6 Light N Tangy

Best flavour ever

It is very tangy and light - Hollybrewer

7 Gravy

Wow taste it it is potato and gravy - Hollybrewer

8 Original

Plain is amazing mate!

Very yummy and refreshing

i hate it

The best.

9 BBQ Ribs

Bring them back please

The beef flavour is poepwerful to your taste buds - Hollybrewer


Best flavour,can't stop eating them,bring back please love love love!

10 Bovril

Please please bring this flavour Back

Bring them back - with the lumps of flavour at the bottom...m

Miss these.

My mums favourite crisp x can't fond them anywherw

The Contenders

11 Pizza

It is so Italian like and taste like pasta sauce - Hollybrewer

This was such a perfect flavour

12 Honey Soy Chicken

These are fantabulous flavouring chips

I love chicken and I love soy and honey but them mixed together is da bomb


13 Crispy Bacon

Love it

14 Hot N Spicy Chicken Ribs
15 Chicken Curry
16 Hot Wings


17 Tomato

Bring these back please! They are delicious and my sons favourite!

18 Lamb & Mint Sauce

My favourite, can no longer find them in the supermarket.

19 Dorian Chili
20 Greek Feta & Herb
21 Roast beef
22 Sweet Caramel Coating
23 Peri Peri Chicken

Limited edition summer BBQ flavour, wishing they would make it a regular flavour.

24 Garlic Bread

As a Garlic Bread fan, this is pretty delicious. It's just that good. - Mumbizz01

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