SML Characters that Have Changed as of 2018

I'm a big fan of SuperMarioLogan. It's not my favorite YouTube channel but I still find it funny and enjoyable. And lately, they have made a lot of changes to their most well-known characters. Sometimes the changes are good, sometimes the changes are bad. Sometimes people don't think the characters have changed at all. Here are the SML characters that we believe have become different characters as of 2018, whether we believe they've gotten better or worse.

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1 Mr. Goodman

Actually He Changed In 2016 because he is rich and mean. I the Old On Better because he is more likable. Please fix this Character

The old one is better, now all he wants is a stupid house payment

Worst character in history! He seriously needs to be done for.

What the hell happened to this character? I'm probably the only one asking this, but tell me. Why is this character so irredeemable nowadays? Is it to make his name seem ironic? Because I don't see what's supposed to be 'good' about him anymore. Seriously, why did they ruin such a perfectly inoffensive character? He went from a polite and honestly funny parody of Mr. Mackey from South Park to a complete a-hole! Once again, why? I get why they had to drop his (or rather Mr. Mackey's) catchphrase since they probably didn't want to get sued, but did they really have to change his personality this much? He's incredibly greedy and selfish, he tortures Mario for his own sick pleasure, he goes on swearing tantrums, and I'm pretty sure he has some bizarre testicle fetish, given the kind of threats he gives Mario. You know how people used to say Jeffy was the new Junior? Well congrats, Goodman! You're the new Jeffy! Let's just hope Logan decides to burn you one day.

2 Jeffy

Ah yes. The cancer to the fandom himself. Jeffy was at one point, my most hated SML character. I hated him even more than Junior and a lot of fans agreed. He was stupid, he was annoying, he was bratty, and no matter how much people asked, Logan wouldn't get rid of him and to this day, he still hasn't. But, truthfully, I don't want him to get rid of Jeffy anymore because, well, he's surprisingly gotten better in 2018. He doesn't swear as often, he doesn't repeat the same jokes as much, and there are even some videos in which he's funny! Sure, he's still a little annoying and bratty, but I like him now. Of course, with him serving as Logan's cash cow, he could regress in the later years. Keep your fingers crossed, guys. - regularponyfan09

Yeah I think he's better than ever while he can be a little annoying he's good now not great but good. - Tyoshi

Well I don't care because he is cool. I bet you like dora cuss she's also cool. Stupid innorant people

In 2016 he was more calm, but in 2017 and 2018 he was raging! Plus why does Logan even like fortnite?! It's trash!

3 Bowser Junior

Like Jeffy, he was once an annoying brat who threw a tantrum whenever he didn't get his way. Many say that his character improved once Joseph and Cody came along, but even then I didn't think so since he still was known for his gigantic ego and poor treatment of everyone around him. Thankfully, this has ceased in the more recent videos and lately we've been getting a nicer, more caring side to Junior. And even when he does act like a brat, he usually does it in a comedic sort of way. Although those "Cody's mom" jokes aren't getting any funnier. - regularponyfan09

Good - Maddox121

4 Cody

I hate to say it, but yes, Cody is not as awesome as he once was. What was once a semi-weird but intellectual straight man to Junior and Joseph, has become an egotistical, perverted creep who has sexual intentions for any man he comes across, including the adults. That's not funny, that's just disgusting. Yes, I get it, Cody's always been into guys, but he's never been THIS into guys. I'm not against Cody's sexuality if that's what you're thinking, but I am against it being his only personality trait. - regularponyfan09

He is good but not in my top 10 best his joke is he's a creepy gay guy that's it - Tyoshi

Bad - Maddox121

5 Chef Pee Pee

I used to feel so sorry for this guy. The earlier videos were dedicated to making his life miserable and letting him know the world hates him. Good news: they stopped doing this. Bad news: he actually deserves the torment he used to get now, because he's turned into a total jerk. It's funny how it started off with Junior being an ass to him and now it's the other way around. Please redeem this character. - regularponyfan09

Bad - Maddox121

6 Black Yoshi Black Yoshi is a deuteragonist of SuperMarioLogan. He is a stereotypical black gangster and one of Mario's friends.

He used to be in my Top 10 Best SML Characters but now he's in the top 3 worst Sml characters that should say something. - Tyoshi

He was okay at first, but now? He's just annoying. What with his incredible selfishness, his incomprehensible stupidity, his constant begging to Mario for money, it's all been done before and it's all been done better. Call me racist, but I don't like what this character has become. - regularponyfan09

Bad - Maddox121

7 Bowser

He's not in as many videos as before, but the ones he has been in this year weren't that bad. Bowser used to be an uncaring, selfish, and sometimes sociopathic person, especially to Chef Pee Pee and Junior. But now, he's shown that he actually does have the capability of showing love and compassion. He even admits to Junior that he loves him and at one point goes out of his way to protect him from danger. I have to say, I'm impressed. - regularponyfan09

Good - Maddox121

8 Jackie Chu

I know a lot of people disagree with me on this one, but I personally never liked Jackie Chu. I thought he was offensive, arrogant, idiotic, and most of all racist. He was just one big Asian stereotype. But today...well, he still is. But he's not as critical as he once was and many of the "racist" jokes he tells nowadays are honestly pretty funny to me. I especially love the ones about Chinese food. - regularponyfan09

Good - Maddox121

9 Brooklyn Guy

I used to love his sarcasm and surprising level of intelligence. What made him such a funny character was the fact that he had so many personalities. Because of this, he never should have had to repeat a joke. But now, it seems he tells the same joke no matter what occupation he's holding at the moment: he has marriage issues. It wasn't funny the first time and it's certainly not funny after you've told the joke a million times. We get it. You hate your ex-wife. Just shut up about it. - regularponyfan09

I still like him a lot but not as much as I used to. - Tyoshi

Bad - Maddox121

10 Joseph

I wasn't sure whether or not to add Joseph on here since his character hasn't really changed all that much. But ever since they admitted his mom never really died, Joseph has more or less become useless. Nearly every video he's been in nowadays has had no point of having him in it. You could cut him out of the videos and they would largely be the same. It's like his only reason for existing now is so Junior has more than one friend. - regularponyfan09

Just look at Regular Pony's comment and that's all you need to know - Tyoshi

Who even are any of these people? SML went downhill around 2011, those are the facts and you have to live by them. I miss the days of being six years old and watching Logan play around with Tony and Woody. - Puga

Obviously, you are an older SML fan. If that's the case, why did you comment on a list talking about SML in 2018? - regularponyfan09

Bad - Maddox121

The Contenders

11 Mario

Yes I agree with you.

Mario has been overchanged

Ya yo

Mario used to be really nice to Jeffy. Now he just yells and yells and yells and yells and yells at Jeffy! Do you not think?

12 Judy
13 Tyrone

He cheated on Judy. Talk about Projared. - KavehKoopa

14 Rosalina

In late 2015 to February/March 2016, she was pretty nice to Mario and the other characters. She was also pretty stupid and talked about stars. Now in April 2016 onwards, all she cares about is Jeffy, and being a huge jerk to Mario, and jumping to conclusions way too much! She needs to get rewritten back to her late 2015 to February/March 2016.

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