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1 Jeffy's Homework

This episode was very funny

This video made my throat to church and died.

Definitely my top 3

One of the only good Jeffy videos - NostalgiaMonkey

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2 Smart Jeffy


3 Bowser Jr. Game Night

I like the third game night

So its not happy?

Lol its funny not gay like your dad

Like my dad?

4 Cody The Magician

I like this episode

5 Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation

The video with the most views

Wonder the mom's reaction when junior told a crying kid to shut up at Chuck e cheese. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

6 Bowser Jr'S Game Night 3
7 Bowser's Broken TV

I hate this video because Bowser yells at junior for not playing fair to him so I started to hate Bowser since I've watched Bowser Jr.'s cheeseburger

Bowser was supposed to tell junior to stay in the corner

8 Toad's Mistake

Yeah, the goddam Toad deserved to get beaten the crap out of him. He even died in in the microwave.

Do not mess with luigi

Even the Jeffy fanboys were happy because toad got what he deserved after Jeffy the rapper

9 Jeffy's Cellphone

Jeffy broke his 2nd cellphone with his mouthlol

10 Bowser Jr. Happy Meal 2

Really the worst

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11 Bowser Junior's Youtube Channel

That was funny. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

12 Jeffy's Bad Word

Love the part where mario gets beat up by tyrone, but could they have used a different word?

Funniest episode by far

This is a mediocre episode

This is worst than any episode do you know what this is it IS SMILE FOR THE ED WELL WITH at least SMILE FOR THE ED WAS FUNNY mainy because of ed. THIS JUST HAS 1 JOKE THAT WASNT EVEN THAT FUNNY IT WAS THE BLACK LIGHTS MATTER JOKE - GhostModer

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13 The Cat in the Hat

This was a really funny episode with loads of creativity. I wonder how much they paid to get all of those stuff again. - JaysTop10List

Best episode very funny and I loved the rhymes

Best episode

Guy jugs

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14 Inside Jeffy
15 Bowser Jr. Cellphone

I'm personally shocked this wasn't on the worst list.This video can go screw itself it so bad.And whoever put it hear is AN ABSOLUTE IDIOT

At least I know how to use a keyboard. Space your words after you put a period. And yes, that was me. Wasn't really thinking when I put this one down. - JaysTop10List

16 Jeffy Sleepwalks
17 Jeffy's Parents

That was really sad it's not funny what if you had a mother like jeffy's mom

Wow, what an amazing episode. Logan and the rest of the crew putted a phenomenal amount of effort into this. The backstory of Jeffy was great, introducing a new character Nancy, Jeffy's mother. Overall, I'd totally give it a 10/10.

An amazing episode that focused on Jeffy's backstory, something that was left unknown for many months. It gave character development for Mario, and improved the relationship between him and Jeffy. At first, Mario doesn't give a darn about Jeffy when he lets his abusive mother take him. However, he soon misses Jeffy, and realizes that he has been too harsh to him all these months, and made a bad decision by letting Nancy take him,and apologizes and makes up for it by adopting Jeffy. This video had fitting background music, great acting, outstanding writing, and a great ending, best SML video ever! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

18 Secret Door

Don't open the door!


19 Bowser Jr. Goes to the Sun

The sun is a planet. JK - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

YAASS! YAS! 10/10

20 Jeffy's Potty Training
21 Junior Goes to Military School Whole Series

Love ❀️ this video it’s my favorite

22 The Bet

Had Great jokes, No Jeffy or Junior as a main character, and brought out personality in a side character - PlasmaPea

23 Baby Shrek


24 Bowser Jr's Punishment
25 Super Mario Got Milk

Logan's first video and still 10 years later is funny. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

26 How to Eat an Oreo


27 Black Yoshi's in Trouble!
28 Mario And Luigi Stupid And Dumb Adventures Series
29 The Ring
30 Shrek The Babysitter!

Jeffy finally gets consequences for his actions, and the rest of the video was hilarious, too! - AlexZedKawa

31 Bowser Jr. Goes to Disney World Part 1

People underestimate this episode. (Looking at you dabhdude)

Really awesome when Bowser junior,chef pee pee,Joseph,and Cody go to magic kingdom and ride buzz lightyear's space ranger spin,big thunder mountain,and space mountain

You will need to eat a bowl of doofy O's
And you could win a trip to Disney world
All you gotta do is find the knife
And then you gotta go and kill my ex-wife. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

32 Where's Jeffy?
33 Nintendo Game Systems
34 Supermariologan Paintings
35 The Nintendo DSI
36 Luigi's Secret
37 Mario's Nightmare
38 The New Shamwow
39 Shrek's Big Crap
40 How to Save Princess Peach the Black Yoshi Way
41 Shrek's Costume
42 A Crappy Thanksgiving
43 Toad's Mistake 2
44 Stride Mystery Gum
45 Black Yoshi April Fools
46 Shrek's Nightmare
47 How Black Yoshi Saved Christmas
48 Toad is Cool
49 Black Yoshi's Speakers
50 The Bird
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