First time I had a dip was Skoal Straight at first I was like what is this nasty. The second dip I ever had was probably like a week later I was with my dad and one of my dads friends pulled out a can of copenhagen wintergreen and put him one in, and looks at me and goes "you want one? " so he packs the can for me and I get me a dip and is was amazing every since that day I have been dipping copenhagen wintergreen. It's my everyday dip. And for chew my favorite is Starr Original.

Honestly I gotta say, Cope is the best. I used to dip Longhorn because it was cheap, but now that I tried Cope, I know Copenhagen is worth the few extra dollars. I really like their Mint flavor probably because I'm a big Mint and Wintergreen flavor guy. I don't think they have fruity flavors but they have like straight tobacco flavors and stuff like that. Copenhagen is smooth, it lasts longer and it is a bit more, but it's worth it.

In my opinion, Copenhagen is the only dip out there worth dipping, no other brand even compares in the areas that Copenhagen produces. It's not too expensive and has the best quality in both cans and contents. The flavor is spot on with the actual thing (for example: the mint dip actually tastes like chewing a mint leaf). So, if you're a first time dipper of an experienced dipper, I would definitely recommend Copenhagen.

I've had all flavors and every damn one was worth the money. All the flavors like original, straight, southern and black are good( not for starters). Cope mint is by far the greatest but they don't sell it in Alabama where I'm from. I recommend cope wintergreen for beginners though

I have been dipping since I was 16. I have always Dipped Copenhagen and tried a few others. But Copenhagen is and always will be my go too. I was doing the wintergreen long cut. I have moved onto the mint. The flavor is strong and smooth. It last a while and definitely comes with some juice. Others just seem to dry my mouth out. Copenhagen mint is just the best chew I have ever had. Hands down

I started dipping about 30 years ago. I started out with Copenhagen Snuff. Everyone got my to try Skoal Wintergreen, and I used one can. It's good but Cope is by far a better taste. Cope is the ONLY choice!

I just started using pouches (I know, not as good as the loose kinds). I've tried Cop, Grizzly and Skoal regular mint and bandits. My preference is Cop and Grizzly for taste. Skoal seems dryer in the pouches at least. Bandits seemed the same as Skoal regular pouches but the smaller pouch makes it not last as long as the others. Bandits are also harder to find where I'm at.

I started on grizzly wintergreen and did that for about three years then when I bought my first can of Copenhagen wintergreen my love for it began and it's the best brand out there my only complaint is the original flavor long cut is a lil hard to pinch if u don't know how to do it but still great I rarely dip anything else I'll switch to grizzly when I'm alil low on money but as soon as I get paid I'm right back to cope it's the best great flavor not to sweet not to earthy tobacco flavor just perfect balance

Not even close, Cope Long Cut Straight is the best I have ever had. Moist, and has a light discernible cognac taste to my pallet. A real connoisseur's pick. I hate anything mint, I like tobacco flavor. Once I had long horn long cut straight and was quite surprised at decent quality for less than 2 bucks. I'd buy that again if in a pinch, sorry for the pun

Just got back into dipping due to a no smoking issue where I live. Brought back memories of high school and dipping with my friends. Has a huge flavor and is always moist. I've lost open cans and found them weeks later and the dip was still moist. Well worth the money in my opinion.

Copenhagen long cut original is my favorite dip of all time Copenhagen is the strongest dip I have ever tried and I. Like the long cut better than the fine cut because to me the fine cut gets all over my mouth and the long cut stays in one place and don't move around at all

Long time Grizzly dipper here. Started out with wintergreen and straight but recently got hooked on Copenhagen. Great flavor and good kick, wintergreen is my go to but they have a great straight flavor and the original Copenhagen reminds you of what a real man dips.

Copenhagen, by far has the best flavor, and like many said, it is very moist. In my opinion it's a man's dip. It has such a strong flavor, a lot of beginners can not handle it. But, it an experienced dipper, Cope is the only way to go!

Founded in 1822, this was the first mainstream smokeless tobacco brand, and continues to be extremely popular to this day. - FaZeCain

Chewed grizzly natural and wintergreen for years. Switched to cope original long cut and snuff, I will never go back. I feel that the 1.50 difference in price is not worth dipping a dip that has less flavor and seems to be less moist

Copenhagen is my favorite but to Expensive so I buy grizzly fine cut natural. I started chewing Copenhagen over forty years ago. I was about 13/14

Been chewing for two months now, I first tried Grizzly Wintergreen, loved it and still do, then I decided that since everyone around here talks about Skoal, I'd buy Peach, Apple and Wintergreen. They all sucked, the Wintergreen was okay, Peach tolerable and the Apple? That one was so bad I have ultimately decided never to buy anything Skoal EVER again! Then I decided to buy a can of Copenhagen Wintergreen and man, I'm hooked! I just bought Copenhagen Straight a few hours ago and am LOVING it! I actually love the Straight more than Wintergreen! I still have many more brands to try out but I will ALWAYS have two cans on me, can you guess what they are? A+++++

I throw in a lip of something different at least once a day, as I love changing it up. That being said, Cope Mint is what I choose to dip the majority of the time. Stokers mint is a very close second though.

My first dip was Copenhagen mint long cut from a buddy I was 15 at the time a unknown amount of years later I'm chewing Copenhagen long cut Wintergreen and it is very moist and holds together well.

My first dip was when I was 11 and it wasn't bad. It was Copenhagen Snuff and I've been doing it for awhile. But I rrecommend for beginners is to do wintergreen and try pouches and when you think your ready and got all the techniques down then go to long cut, work your way up to try all of Copenhagen. I've tried them all and they are amazing good luck!

Been dipping for a while, trying probably every brand on the market. I will have to say I love Copenhagen (especially Mint or Wintergreen) and will have to keep Copenhagen at the top of my list.

Overall best dip I've ever done the wintergreen long cut or black long cut are the best in the tobacco world. Only time ill do anything else is when copes not available then its grizzly

Started chewing Copenhagen a couple of years ago. I've basically found that it's the best bang for your buck. It's got a great flavor and it gives you a good amount of nicotine

I'm 16 and I have been dipping Copenhagen since I was 12 years old, as far as dip Copenhagen is by far the best, as far as chewing tobacco goes Levi Garrett is better then any of the.

I'm 54 I dipped when I was 19 for a couple of years and for some reason I stopped my son started so now I'm dipping again occasionally. Yeah I miss it