Top Ten Smosh If [blank] Were Real Videos

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1 If Cartoons Were Real
2 If Video Games Were Real
3 If Kids Shows Were Real!

I think I saw this once... I think I Saw. Rabbits

4 If Scary Movies Were Real!
5 If Superheroes Were Real!
6 If Movies Were Real 2
7 If Movies Were Real
8 If Holidays Were Real

Always trust a man in a big white van - EvanHill

9 If The Internet Was Real
10 If Video Games Were Real 2

I liked when they are "Keep shooting the bad guy" actually who "keep shooting" :D and slenderman why can't use the daylight to search eight pages? I realize then

The Contenders

11 If TV Shows Were Real
12 If Movies Were Real 3

Ian : You wanna race, bro?
Anthony : (i don't hear cleary, sorry)
Ian : I'm not your bro, bro!
Anthony : It's cool so race, bro!
Ian : Three. Two. One. BROO!

13 If Religions Were Real

This one was banned from YouTube, for obvious reasons.

14 If Video Games Were Real 3
15 If Apps Were Real
16 If Music Were Real
17 If Video Games Were Real 5
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