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1 Ultimate Assassin's Creed 3 Song

My favorite Smosh song! 😊

2 The Legend of Zelda Rap

Yea man this is awesome.

So good love this - janyareviews

3 Pokemon Theme Music Video
4 Beef 'n Go


5 Name Rap or Die
6 If Holidays Were Real
7 Playing With Guns!
8 If Cartoons Were Real
9 Smosh Found Dead

My absolute favorite! Makes me laugh every time!

10 Pokemon In Real Life!

Like if you're watching this in 2073!

The Contenders

11 Homeless Millionaire!
12 Mortal Kombat Theme Song
13 2 Guys 1 Jello Cup - Behind the Scenes
14 Pokemon In Real Life 3
15 Autocorrect Fail
16 Pokemon In Real Life 4
17 Real Death Note!
18 If Video Games Were Real

Like if you're watching in 2015.

I miss the old Smosh.

19 Evil Fortune Cookie!
20 Wii U Sports Is Awesome

I loved this video

21 Magic Keyboard!
22 I Lost My Hair!
23 If Scary Movies Were Real!
24 Food Battle 2006
25 If TV Shows Were Real!
26 Dixon Cider

I love this song, but did they really have to add a rap beat to it?

27 We're In Super Mario!

I loved Ian in this one! - puppylover

28 Dubstep Commercials Suck!
29 Stuck In a Toilet!
30 If the Internet Was Real
31 If Kids Shows Were Real!

I think it would've been more funnier if the audience asked Ian to shoot Anthony in the head and then shoot himself in the head instead of hitting himself with a plastic baseball bat.

You mean the ones with the stupid rabbits... I hate those rabbits.

32 Photoshop Plastic Surgery
33 Food Battle 2010
34 Molester Moon

My Vote Moved This From 89 To 32 - BeatlesFan1964

35 If Video Games Were Real 2
36 My Twerking Addiction
37 I Have Kirby Powers!
38 Good vs Surprisingly Good

Black metal is awesome!

39 Worst Proposals Ever
40 If Movies Were Real 3
41 Life Better-ers!

The funny thing about Smosh is their videos are really good and funny, but REALLY short, most of them are only 5 minutes

42 My Bobblehead Is Evil!
43 Disney Star Wars
44 Most Violent Game Ever!?
45 15 Hour Energy!
46 Awesome New Robot!
47 Going to the Mountains
48 Best Toy Ever!
49 The Future Sucks!
50 The Harry Potter Pill!
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1. Playing With Guns!
2. If Cartoons Were Real
3. Smosh Found Dead
1. Pokemon Theme Music Video
2. Mortal Kombat Theme Song
3. Beef 'n Go
1. The Legend of Zelda Rap
2. Ultimate Assassin's Creed 3 Song
3. Pokemon Theme Music Video


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