Best Snacks at Disneyland

Not quite looking for a sit-down, or a full meal at the happiest place on earth? Here are a the best snacks in the park.

The Top Ten

1 Turkey Leg

There's a cart in the middle of the park, or at the end of Mainstreet. There's a cart in Frontierland, overlooking the steamboat ride, and there's a cart in Fantasyland by the Matterhorn. Nothing like them! I can't even eat normal turkey anymore! - heather

Turkey LEG! Turkey LEG!

YES! - jchamp

That’s not a snack, IT’S A MEAL!

2 Churro

Possibly the best dessert ever, light, fluffy, with a little crunch with cinnamon and sugar coated over warm - deep fried goodness. Get one of these with a hot chocolate (milk) to dip into and it is dreamy.

Found throughout the park. - heather

Its perfect, stay away if you don't like to taste something and go " It's THE BEST THING EVER! I can't BELIEVE It's SO GOOD I SAID! ! AGAIN! ! "

No seriously! You wont like it! I will sacrifice myself for you by eating it all, yes its not tasty the least so leave all for me! >:(

3 Dole Whip

This ray of sunshine treat is found at the entrance of Adventureland in front of the Tikiroom. If that line is less than 20 people long, you jump in that just off of principle! - heather

4 Corn Dog

This qualifies as a MEAL and not a snack. I had one from Corn Dog Castle and it was filling (and so delicious! ).

So delicious

Only one corn dog stand, at the end of Mainstreet, by the first aid center and the photo shop. I don't even like corn dogs from anywhere else, but I make sure I don't leave Disneyland without one! - heather

5 Dill Pickle

Found in the fruit/veggie stands. Those things are huge! - heather

6 Cinnamon Roll

Could be considered a meal, they're so big, and delicious, but as they are served out of a card in the middle of the park, I'm gonna call this a snack. - heather

7 Ice Cream

I personally love the mickey head, but all my friends love the chocolate covered frozen bananas. - heather

8 Pineapple Spear

BIG, juicy spears found at the fruit and veggie stands. - heather

9 Popcorn

As abundant as churro stands - heather

10 Sliced Mango

Fruit Stand. Great deal. - heather

The Contenders

11 Frozen Lemonade
12 Elephant Ear
13 Fruit Jelly
14 Funnel Cake

I love funnel cake!

15 Tigger Tail
16 Mint Julep

I know it's not a snack per se, but for me this unique treat from the hidden sanctuary of The Mint Julep Bar is a vacation from my vacation. Also, the ones available at The Blue Bayou have endless refills if you're an addict like me!

17 Fried Pickles
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