Best Snarky Puppy Songs

The Top Ten

1 Lingus

Classic - shadomatrix

Oh hell yeah - AdamDestructorJr.

My band's "manager" told me I must check these out. And I do not regret doing so. Cory henry's skills are out of this world! The speed, the perfect rhythm, tone and the timing! Not to mention the tune! This song starts out quite boring, but the 5 minute keyboard solo just makes it amazing. - gemcloben

Cory henry is a god

2 What About Me?
3 Shofukan
4 The Good Man Deliver and the Best is Blessed
5 Slow Demon
6 Young Stuff

Always love what snarky puppy done... great music ever

7 Binky
8 Thing of Gold
9 Chonks
10 Skate U

The Contenders

11 The Curtain
12 Xavi
13 Bent Nails
14 The Clearing
15 Whitecap
16 Outlier
17 Tarova
18 Ready Wednesday
19 Bad Kids to the Back
20 Intelligent Design
21 Sleeper
22 Minjor
23 Tio Macaco
24 34 Klezma
25 Flood
26 Bring Us the Bright
28 Jambone
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