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1 Snow White Snow White Snow White is a fictional character from Disney's first ever film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves . She is Disney's first ever Disney Princess and is the only Disney Princess to have her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame .

I mean, come on! She's the one that started it all. Why is she so unpopular? Just because she's so old-fashioned in character? Because of her really high voice? Probably both those reasons. What's wrong with having a high voice? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! At least she doesn't sound obnoxious or whiny. (Believe me, I've heard voices like that before and they didn't even have to be a certain voice range to be annoying.) And about her being old-fashioned, I think it's so unfair that people hate her for that. That's how lots of women were portrayed back in the 30s. Snow White was supposed to be portrayed as a naive, childlike fairy tale heroine. They didn't mean it as an offense to women in general. That's just how Snow was supposed to be. So, will everyone please go easy on her? She may not be the smartest, toughest, or most developed princess Disney ever made but she may be a lot stronger than she's given credit for. If we didn't have her, we wouldn't have other great Disney heroines ...more

Not only is she fairer than her stepmother the wicked queen but she's also fairer than the likes of that stupid, ugly inferior, Anna (Frozen) in every way anyway too and so are any other classic princesses/heroines and that includes Elsa (Frozen).

Snow White's luckier than the likes of that Anna (Frozen) because at least Florian's not a prince charmless like Hans (To Anna from Frozen) Loser!

Love Snow White!

Hate Anna (Frozen)!

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2 Grumpy
3 Dopey

I believe that Dopey should count as the 7 Dwarves (excluding Grumpy).

The Seven Dwarves > Evil Queen > Prince Floridan > Snow White

4 Sneezy
5 Sleepy
6 Doc
7 Bashful
8 Happy
9 Prince Florian

Unlike Florian, Hans (Frozen) doesn't follow the tradition of other Disney princes nor true love at all. (To Hans from Frozen) Sucker!

Thankfully, at least he didn't turn out to be a prince charmless unlike that Hans (Frozen)! (To Anna from Frozen) Loser!

Snow White and Prince Charming are my most all time favorite classical Disney couple because they've started it all. But Anna and Hans (Frozen) aren't easily the favorite at all though because Hans was forcefully portrayed to be only just another prince charmless who's used as nothing but an excuse for two so called sisters, Elsa and Anna to make up with each other when those two so called sisters are rather far much better off without each other since they're more like strangers to each other anyway….

Thumbs up for Prince Florian!
Thumbs down for Hans (Frozen)!

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10 Huntsman

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11 Evil Queen

Better classical villain than that insufferable duke of Weselton anyway!

12 Magic Mirror


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