Best Soccer (Football) Balls

Some are based on design and some on preference, whether it be a ball used in a world cup final or one that just looks 'cool'.

The Top Ten

1 Goodyear's 1855 Ball

The true meaning of classic, the first 'soccer' ball in history" - TheBeardedOne

This ball is baaaddd


2 Adidas Tango Espana

The Tango Espana was the last genuine leather World Cup ball. It was also genuinely EXPENSIVE for its time " - TheBeardedOne

3 Nike Total 90 Aerow

A personal favourite, it looked cool, it felt cool, it is cool." - TheBeardedOne

4 1930 World Cup Ball

Two balls were provided for the world cup in Uruguay, one by Argentina (beaten finalist) and the other by Uruguay who won the world cup, guess which ball was used. " - TheBeardedOne

5 1 Day Ball

You know what I'm talking about, the ball that just came to you and was half destroyed by the end of your first 3 hour,100 goal street game." - TheBeardedOne

6 Adidas Santiago

Official ball of the 1962 World Cup in Chile " - TheBeardedOne

7 Mitre Delta 1000

It's simple. It's classic. It works." - TheBeardedOne

8 Adidas Telstar

We all had one of these, or one that resembled it." - TheBeardedOne

9 UEFA Champions League Ball
10 Adidas Brazuca

Awesome ball awesome grip and a true classic

Whats not to like colorful great stiching and handling awesome ball

The brazucais the best in the world


The Contenders

11 Adidas Azteca

First all synthetic ball, inspired by Aztec designs-used in the world cup in Mexico " - TheBeardedOne

12 Mitre Ultimax

An update to the Delta 1000" - TheBeardedOne

13 Adidas Teamgeist
14 Adidas Europass
15 Adidas Jabulani
16 Nike Incyte
17 Nike Merlin
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