Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, GOIH is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Portugal national team.


Please people, let me hope that every one is sober while reading this.
Look at His height, body size, soccer skills, a complete dribbler, free kick specialist, pace, goals scored in different best football league tables in the generation with very many fantastic players.

He really brings out the real meaning of the best football player the world has ever tested.

Remember that to be considered as the best, you must fit and score in different soccer league tables and by this I mean the rough, hard, talented and best ones like English premier league and spanish laliga plus putting up stiff competition with the rest of the players in the whole world of that particular generation not forgetting to again deliver at the National team level.

Messi is only good but not better than Christiano Ronaldo because Messi has only seen one league and has not delivered at the national level

He is the rocket..
No one could beat him ever...
At this young age.. He is the machine that everyone scares of..
Talking about skills, well everyone knows that.. He has that sharp game that no one could his eyes off. Then talking about shooting, just watch his power! He is the man dude. He has that sharp eye and that control of the ball, everyone could just think about. Passing ability, I am sure if he would be midfielder, he could also be the play maker, though he is at his best position. Alex Furguson once said " he is the world's best player till now" and yes he is.

Although lately C. Ronaldo was experiencing a lack of good luck with Portugal I believe that if he continued his career with Man. United his career would have been much more successful. I'm not saying anything to offend Real Madrid, I am a huge Real Madrid fan but I'm just saying if he never left Man. You he might have led them to a champions league win against barca in the 2011 champions league final and he also could have helped manchester united win the league over their rivals manchester city in the 2011/2012 premier league. He also could have played a major role in the 2012 UEFA champions league but again he did help real madrid win the copa del rey against barca in 2011 and won the liga bbva in 2012. I believe that this year C. Ronaldo could win the best player in Europe award and prevent Messi from winning his fourth best player in Europe award. I think that cristiano Ronaldo is deserving of this award because I think he is the best player of this decade with all respects ...more

Sure he is one of the best players of all time but he is not #2 material at all, first off the bat, he is not a team player! AT ALL, from the time he premiered in professional football through now he is yet to improve on that. He is also an incredibly inconsistent player on the field. Some days he has incredible matches, others, he might as well not even be on the field. He over touches the ball and more the 50% of his touches are too far ahead of him and he only barley makes up for it with his speed.

If people looked at a long list of criteria and had to rate 20 qualities in players, on a 1-10 scale this list would be much more exact. This is a decent list but there are a few people who are terrible placed.

The worst errors are Jari Litmanen should be moved in front of Messi, Christian should be moved down to about 8, and Ronaldinho and Pele are close together for #1 in terms of about 20 or so criteria, Ronaldinho would tend to be ahead of Pele with his explosive moves ...more

He is a remarkable player and will be remembered amongst the best to ever play football. But his stamina is not all that because he fades out of matches quite often and his work rate on the field over 90 minutes is not always exemplary, even if it is a requirement for his role. He can improve his team play, sure he shows flashes of vision sprinkled with hints of generosity, but he is more selfish than he needs to be and it takes away from his effectiveness more than it adds to it. Is he Great? Yes. Generational talent? Yes. One of the best we will ever see? Yes. As close to perfect as anyone today? Debatable. One of the Most Complete athletes on the basis of his physical prowess and ability? Yes. But is he the perfect footballer? No, there are too many holes in his game and too many questions regarding his dependability, mental strength, emotional maturity for him to be perfect. I don't say that to knock on him, because honestly, the perfect footballer does not exist.

Undoubtedly the best...

PELE has got more number of goals, but still, what he has achieved is outrageous for any player who has been playing in the middle of the park for most of his games even with the team-mates like goal scoring machine; Wayne Rooney..

But this guy can do almost anything..
He can pass, he can shoot, he can cross, he can run, he can dribble, he can beat defenders, he can tackle, he can jump, he can hit with power, and lots more with is gorgeous style...

A complete forward as well as complete midfield package...

Must be No. 1... - jhondon101

For the simple reason that he is the most complete footballer in the footballer I have witnessed he has amazing dribbling skills, header you can't imagine Messi getting header last good header of his was against manu 3 years ago. When he takes free kicks the goalie will fear more he has super accuracy with his swirling kicks. He has one of the best swirling kicks. This is enough to show that Ronaldo is the best player in the world

He's awesome player he's can use all he's Possibilities, he used him head, he's shoulder he's right and left foot he's very complete player - with power speed, accuracy, vision, position, team work, and passion. I like to watching him with real Madrid he's the Savior of the team, he's a winger and he's have a top score goals and very important goals, I like him ; I really do!

Cristiano Ronaldo is an unique football player. I see him as a great inspiration to all football fans. Everyone says he plays for money (screw those) but I believe that he plays dedicating his father, he plays with passion. Messi maybe a better star, more liked and famous. Even I respect him. But in this field Cristiano has more skills, experience, stamina, power and finally the gift to him from god.. His belief in being the best.

Most complete player that the world has ever seen, called selfish but he still reaches around 15 assists per year (very good by the way), called inconsistent but has scored 30+ every year for the past SEVEN years in ONLY la liga, he is incredibly influential to his team. No one is nearly as balanced as he is with a perfect combination of both pace, strength, jumping, positioning (general physique) and technical abilities such as shooting (can do all types of shots and can shoot from almost anywhere within 40 yards) headering, dribbling (despite not being among the around top five dribblers ever seen, he is still incredible at it and only dribbles when he needs to nowadays) incredible free kicks (in terms of power, accuracy and curve) great control, passing, crossing and finally he has the ability to play at his top level for the entire match with his never-ending stamina.

Cristiano ronaldo is the most expensive soccer player in history and he has broken many records... He plays well in ANY team and has the ambition to win! He is a great role model not like Fat ronaldo from brazil, maradona, or zidane that ended their career in a hole! Cristiano Ronaldo is my idol and I find it hard for another player to reach his level of talent.

Most complete player ever for sure! Heading, dribbling, shooting, pace, technique, skills, raw athleticism, height, finishing, shot power, creativity, work ethic, leading ability (by example), set pieces, selling fouls/diving (and then scoring on the set piece created). He may not be the best dribbler ever (would probably pick Pele, messi, or maradona over him) but in terms of what he has done for the game, and how dominant he has been using different styles of play (speedy/cheeky initially and then more athletically efficient as he matured), and more so for the time length he has been dominant and in two of the top leagues, for me, its definitely hands down Ronaldo.

Ronaldo is a scorer who may not even need creative players on the pitch for him to play as expected. He can play with any team at any time in any league and scores at any time in any way. Recall back heel spectacular goal recently. Who really has ever scored such a goal? How about the shot against Osasuna last week end? Really a perfect player

With Cristiano Ronaldo at No. 2, it's obvious who's at No. 1.

A record-breaking season for his arch nemesis will detract from what a superb 2012 the Portuguese winger has had himself, so let's make sure we give him an appropriate amount of praise.

Incredibly influential in Real Madrid's quest to wrestle the La Liga title off Barcelona, CR7 netted a phenomenal 46 league goals last season to lead Los Merengues to the trophy.

Fast forward past a summer of awesome showings for his nation in an excellent Euro 2012 campaign, and he's sitting pretty on 19 goals from 22 appearances. - dahamid364

Cristiano Ronald is quite simply the best footballer in the world. The total package. The prototype. The perfect all around scoring machine. Speed - INSANE. Like he has a whole other gear he can switch into. Say what you want about his attitude and being arrogant, but if you ask me, he is so smart because there is no such thing as bad press. Every sport needs a Cristiano Ronaldo because love him or hate him, you will always be talking about him. He is the biggest star in the world - barring any industry or field. By the time he leaves he sport, he will have brought it to another level.

Not the one who will hold the most world cups, European cups, club championship and champions league trophies. In fact, he may lift up high the least hardware... But that's because he doesn't play for Brazil, Argentina, Spain and France. He plays for a good Portugal side instead of an incredible national team rich in winning traditions. Al that said, he is still the most skilled players to have ever played the game. Had he been of any of those other nationalities, or an Italy or Holland, or England, the world Cups would be his to parade once, twice, and perhaps thrice like Pele.

By far the most complete player, the only criticism is team play, other than that he has got everything at his disposal, a goal scoring machine. For me though, he needs to perform well for Portugal, then he will be amongst the legends of the game, no doubt he is outstanding for club, but he's got time to prove he can perform well for country as well

The greatest soccer player ever is cristiano Ronaldo. Play for Portugal and his club Riyal Madrid. He scored more than 100 goals in less than 100 matches is such a great achievement no one could match him
He is best in his business he is better than Messi and best in the world.
Ronaldo Rocks Messi is like a 10 days old child in front of Ronaldo.
From Ahmed

Look, cr7 is the greatest because of his attitude against the game and opponents. Every goal keeper fears him a tall footballer with such a great skills is no one but him. He is the best in what he do like no one is better than him in the air, powerful shoots, great stamina, control on the ball and speed if you ask me who is better in Messi and cr7 than off-course Ronaldo is better because Messi can not use his both feets and head these are the 2 main points where Ronaldo leads

The skills of ronhaldinho, the shot of Ronaldo, the free kick of zico, header of pele, the agility of marodona and his speed us unmatched to anybody in the game. He is most likely the best player that ever lived and if you disagree well you have obviously have never seen him play; he is the all round soccer hero, he is the one who inspired me to play and watch soccer and I don't regret a bit of it. Thank you cristiano.

You are the best player in the world. Nobody can defeat you. You are more powerful than that sixer lionel messi. You always won the cup. You are the greatest and greatest player in the world. You can won the world cup match because you are equal to 1000 of football player.

I honestly think that Messi is a great player. I do. But Ronaldo will always be better for me. Messi has had his skills handed to him on a silver platter, but Ronaldo had to work harder than Messi ever had or ever will. I understand that Messi has worked hard as well, but in reality, whether you are a Messi fan or Ronaldo fan, Ronaldo epitomizes hard work and training. That is why Ronaldo is better. Not to mention the whole "complete athlete" and "runner up at the Euros" stuff. And plus, how many goals has Messi scored for Portugal?

Climb to number 1, our king. He has everything; Speed of a cheetah, accuracy, his headers are simply the best, control, dribbling, the father of long range shots, stamina, physique, when he jumps it feels as though superman's in the sky, a great lefty as well. He has always been in great form, He has always been there when needed and does not only score in small games, he gives you hope till the last minute. What ELSE do you expect from a perfect footballer.

Cristiano Ronaldo is not only a complete player but also a perfectionist! No player at present can defeat him. Lionel Messi who is also one of the best is not a complete player and also has several disabilities.

You have no idea what you are taking about... Look at the records... I think Messi has more then Lizard boy

Football isn't only about clubs... Look at international.. Mesii is the flopest player ever played for Argentina. He never scores... Since 2006 how many goals he has scored? Zero! Why? He plays alognise higuain, dimaria, tevez, aguero.. I mean he has all the stars to help him but he can't... Do you know who is the best player in the world?... Someone who perform well for both club and international... Ronaldo has only Nani and he scores plenty of goals! He always scores... Wherever he is! Whoever plays with... This player is the best