Diego Maradona

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Diego Armando Maradona is a retired Argentine professional footballer. He is known for "The Goal of the Century" and the "Hand of God" goal.


Maradona truly is on his own level of skill. People may argue that he wasn't a complete well rounded player like pele or cristiano ronaldo, but soccer is a sport that is more than just speed and strength this isn't track in field. What makes maradona so amazing is that no one else on the world can do what he can with a soccer ball. What zidane could do with a ball maradona could do with an orange. His mastery of the ball makes him the greatest soccer player of all time not only could he dribble past cristiano ronaldo or anyone else with disturbing ease but he could also distribute the ball with pinpoint accuracy. This means that not only could he carry a team on his back (unlike messi sadly) but he also makes his teammates play better he is a player that you cannot leave on the bench even injured. If you gave maradona's left leg to any player they would instantly get on this list.

If I could take the skill/talent of any of those players for myself, I would pick Maradona's without hesitation. It is often said that he reached his peak only in the late 80s but that is not true. He was one if not the top guy throughout the entire decade, it is just that a horrible disease first and a career-threatening injury later marred what could have been some of his best years (the way he was scoring at Barcelona he would have ended top scorer had he gotten to play enough games, missed to many for the reasons I just wrote). Then he went to a Napoli that at the time was 1 point away from relegation and it took a couple of years until the team caught up with Maradona. That lack of titles makes people believe he peaked in the late 80s, but he spent the early 80s in the hospital or dragging a poor team from the bottom to the top.

I am not sure if the person who created this list, plays soccer or "football" if you want to call it. Diego Maradona CAN NOT be compared to Pele or other players with all due respect, he is completely in a different category, BEST OF TH BEST, Maradona is an acronym to beautiful football, you enjoy seeing him playing, giving perfect passes, dribbling, scoring, I'm sure if he play goal keeper, would be the best as well. Putting someone else on the top of the list rather than Diego is an insult to the game. So far no one ever scored a goal like his against England from the middle of the field, fanasticoo. Diego you are SIMPLY THE BEST.

N1 without a doubt. He made underdogs win. If you have seen him play, you'd know how incredible he was. I love Messi, but he is not at Maradona's level. People are usually blinded by stats, which make Pele, Messi and C. Ronaldo stand out, as they are stat monsters. But if you cannot see behind the stats and actually watch the player PLAY, then you are failing to appreciate the magic. Maradona may not have been the biggest scorer (many players scored more than him), or he may not have been the biggest winner (many players won more championships than him), but he was the best player. No one has ever dribbled like him so consistently, nor given such precise unthinkable passes, in situations were making such a thing caught you by surprise. As mentioned in other comments, he was so good that he made average players look good. He took many defenders' mark and left other players alone in the field. He played against probably the best defenders of all time in that Italian league. Back then, ...more

I love Messi, I love Pele, I love Cristiano. But there is no one who deserves the #1 spot on this list is Diego Maradona. His pinpoint accuracy on passes, his cool finishes and most of all his dribbling make him the best ever. His passes allowed him to carry a team on his back, because he could make anyone look good. His cool finishes always came at crucial times to put his team in front in any competition. And his dribbling, ohh. He was 5x Messi because what Messi does about twice per games Maradona did at least 50. Pele could score, Messi can score, cristiano can score, but none of them could score as well as this man Diego. Just watch a YouTube video of him. He is 5'5 and he runs by people like they are cones.

no one can move the ball with such pin-point accuracy as Maradona can (and still can at the age of 50)... Pele's goal score is misleading. Half of his goal scores came from unofficial matches, including state and suburban competitions, practice matches, and meaningless club friendlies. He recorded these goals unofficially himself, how petty! This explains why his record of the number of matches he played was much higher than fellow Brazilian players at the time. He could win no world cup in the 50s and 60s if he was born in Argentina.

Diego Maradonna was the greatest and had skill no other footballer could even dream of. He was better than Pele.

Some of the names on this list though are an absolute joke like Beckham rated at 11 and Michael Owen being rated so highly. Wayne Rooney and Alan Shearer are way better footballers than both Owen and Beckham who shouldn't even be anywhere near the list. Especially Beckham the most over rated player in the history of the game. - steviejj

The correct ranking would be something like that: 1. Diego Maradona 2. Pele & Puskas 3. Eusebio & Di Stefano - Actually this rankings do not have much meanings. All of them on the list are all great players. I just have the feeling that Maradona somehow stick out from all. I never saw someone dominating the playing field as him. He was fast runner, explosive acceleration, precise ball handling, high kicking power, fast direction changing. He also played with all direction. Most player just pushing forward but Maradona was ready to go back and than going forward and attack again... Left leg or right leg does not matter for him. He was very creative. I think God gave him the ball to make magic with it.

I quietly disagree with this ranking. Here it has been noted that he is in fourth because of his addiction to drugs. To measure a player best, you should have preferred the skills, strategies and so on what he performs in the field rather than his personal life. Pele just played for santos and Brazil, not in the Europe. But maradona played for napoli and won many titles for napoli. So I think that it should be maradona as the best player.

He made things with the ball which nobody did before him, nobody had dribble skills like he had and nobody could pass and shoot so precisely like he did. He is the only football player who won with mediocre or weak teams -like Naples and Argentina- titles. Footballers like Messi or Pele played in the best teams of their time. Furthermore he invented always new tricks. Without him freestyle soccer would not exist.

Diego Maradona is the best player that the world has ever seen, hands down. He was the perfect one man team. His speed and dribbling ability is unmatched. He would take on the entire opposing team on full field runs by himself, and score the goal with the greatest class. He deserves to be number one, no one comes near him.

Maradona surpasses pele because he won a world cup almost single handedly when pele won three world cup winners medals first won at 17, but playing with brazilian legends like Garrincha, Didi, Bellini, Nilton santos, Jairizinho, Rivellino, Tastao, and Carlos Alberto. If pele instead of Maradona was playing at the 1986 world cup for Argentina, Argentina would not have won the 1986 world cup therefore Maradona has more skill in soccer than Pele. And the only reason Pele scored more goals than Maradona is because Maradona was a attacking midfielder and played most of his career in Europe when Pele stayed in south America and was a forward.

He deserve to be number 1, the greatest of all time. He had some drugs issues and problems outside the field, but when he was at his best, he was simply unbeatable. He made Argentina world champions of the world by himself, carry Argentina by the shoulders and made it to the WC finals in 1990, he was simply the best of all time.

People don't vote for maradona because he's from Argentina but he was the best ever to played the game none of the rest come close to him even the considered best players along him like zidane, platini, messi, etc... All agree maradona and will always be the best... He led Argentina to win the 1986 wc. If he hadn't play Argentina wouldn't have won... And Brazil instead won world cups with pele on the bench that proves Brazilian had an amazing team they didn't even need him...

Wow - some awesome players in this line up. The only man ever to carry a team (Argentina 1986) to win the World Cup. Granted, Argentina were not rubbish without him, but if hadn't of been there - no chance. Other great players have tried to carry decent teams (Baggio, Messi, Ronaldo) but not succeeded. For that reason alone he gets my vote. And he nearly did it again in 1990!

He was voted by public poll all around the world as the greatest footballer of all time. So FIFA, to save the reputation of Pele's black ass, declared him as greatest player according to FIFA.. And Maradona as the greatest according to public!

Whether he is greater than Pele is debatable (I haven't seen Pele play much), but his skill on the field was incredible. Drug related issues aside, this man was a beast. He was one of, if not the greatest dribbler in football history. And, personally, being incredibly short for my age, I have personal reasons for liking a short soccer player (5' 5").

Come on people... This here is The Greatest, the baddest player around and the LEGEND of the Soccer league... He Scored the "goal of the century" for cryin' out loud... He even had a Statue of his own...

What! This guy is the best player ever stop saying Messi is better! First Messi haven't win anything for Argentina as long as he doesn't no way he can be better than Messi and second Maradona is actually better Messi can be the second best player ever maybe but never, never the best!

Maradona was (he is) the best, the most round and complete player ever. He played as center halfback, and forward winger, and left winger, he used to organize the game from the middle field, conducts and executes the goal. Ask Pele and Messi to do that!

He was magic on the ball no one could get the ball off of him even if they pulled him back he is a slightly better version of lionel Messi he moved like lightning no one has ever even matched up to him until lionel Messi however maradona still tops everyone

It can't be maradona 4, I start to hate who's voting in this site
There's no one like maradona they said Best Soccer (Football) Players of All Time means maradona they not said who's have lot of goal or the sexy football player

Diego Maradona should be ranked #1! He's done the best goal ever! The #4 should be Pele, he's amazing but is called the king because he was the first.. Maradona has done everything that Pele has done better and a lot more, so how come he's #4?

Maradona and Messi are the same players of two different eras- the only difference is that Messi doesn't seem to like performing in an Argentinian Jersey...

Having said this, if he were to win a FIFA World Cup, Messi would be hands down the greatest the game has ever seen.

The most talented player that kicks the ball, no other foot manipulates the ball like his left... Pele maybe the most succesful player, zidane the player who plays a different type of soccer, Ronaldo (Brazil), most athletic player in history with his speed and dribblings.

And in 10 years, if not injured, lionel Messi will be no. 1 in history, now everybody discusses pele or messi, Messi or maradona... This boy is only 24 years old... Lets wait and see...