George Best

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George Best was a Northern Irish professional footballer who played as a winger for Manchester United and the Northern Ireland national team.


Anyone who thinks there are better players than george best obviously never seen him play. In the days when defenders could cut you in half with a tackle George made them look like fools then went back and did it again. No one in the modern game even comes close.

Maradona good, Pele Better, George Best. He was the great hes dribbler of all times.

He is the most talented football player of all time. He can score without any assists. There is no other player who retired at age of 25 but would still be remember forever.

George is Best.

There is no question George Best was the greatest ever. Just go look at the YouTube videos of him play. He would dribble the ball past player after player. He was decades ahead of his time.

Ridiculous that he is this low. Half of the people who voted for messi probably don't even no who George and is just sad. It is sad that people my age just look at who is playing now and say they are the best instead of looking deeper into it. George is the best. Pele, puskas, do stefano are up there with him but nobody touches George best.

Most God Gifted Footballer ever more Gifted than Pele and the biggest self distructure ever a true Genius. once he said if I was born ugly you have never heard of the name Pele - Maklet901

Ridiculous and disappointing how low he is. Most of the people voting Messi or Ronaldo probably haven't even seen George play! This man is an absolutely legend. He was the best and still is by a mile.

should have been the greatest, watch him playing for his country against scotland. they stopped tackling him as they cudnt get near him.

the best, a united legend

Most naturally gifted player ever, until you saw him play then you would not understand how good he really was, and this at a time when players could tackle

The only player I can remember who beat all in front of him to score and made all those hard men; ie harris hunter yeats bremner giles look like schoolboys

Watch the old videos. There's not a player alive now, nor has there ever been, that could make defenders look so inadequate.

A player that was so far ahead of the rest that he made it look easy. From his time on the pitch to now there has never been a player that could single handedly turn defenders inside out and change the out come of any game he was in (and did many many times).

Skill that has no equal.
Insight of the game second to none.
Unparalleled self belief.
A true god of the game.

If George Best is not number 1 then there should not be a number 1 because there is no player alive or dead that deserves it more (FACT).

Easily the best player of all time. He could everything and did everything better than anyone else ever did. Just watch his matches and see!

Greatest ever by some distance. Just because he's from Northern Ireland. Between Bestie and Messi for all time greatest... How on earth people like Ronaldinho, Zidane or Cristiano Ronaldo are ahead is unfeasible. Just proves how uneducated people are...

A true United fan will say it's between Giggs and Best. The greatest in their generations. Best was described by Pele of all people as the best in the world.

I think he was the most talented player, maybe Johan Cruyff was better... I don't know who was the best. Cruyff vs Best, your choice...

Just ask Pele or maradona when asked who was the best the answer George best stop all the bull

As the name suggests I have never seen a trickier fast dribbler and gifted goal scorer as him.

George Best is absolutely fantastic at dribbling, so simplistic and his ability to dribble is better than Messi

Pele said " I am not the greatest, George Best is"... And he knew a thing or two about football

best should have been entitled at top 4. its a disgrace to him and to the football.

Northern Ireland come on george guys he should definitely be at the top of the list

Underrated player that deserves to be viewed as better than the players of today, like Messi and Ronaldo

George Best was the greatest player that I have ever seen lead goal scorer for the last 6 year that he played for united and when he left they were relegated how good was that team team then? He carried man utd for the last 5 seasons.

if you dont beleive, watch some highlights online, they can send a chill up your spine