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61 Paolo Maldini Paolo Maldini Paolo Cesare Maldini is a former Italian professional footballer who played as a left back and central defender. Maldini captained Italy for 8 years and AC Milan for 12, and was renowned for his leadership skills, earning him the nickname “Il Capitano”, or ‘The Captain’.

The BEST defensive player ever. He is a Legend in the history of the European Football. No other player had, have and will ever have his skills in defending. I mean, look at his sliding tackle - just perfect!

greatest left back ever the face of Milan for the past 20 or so years -

Where to begin with this legend for a starter he is a 1 team player started and ended his career with Milan he won every single cup possible with them and a record of 5 times UCL winner nominated a lot in the team of the year reached the WC final in the 1994 and the semi final in the 1990 was in the dream team in both of them...

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62 John Charles

I am sure most of those voting here are far to young to remember the Gentle Giant who was equally at home at centre half and centre forward. Never booked throughout his career. Played for Wales in the 1958 World Cup, won 3 Championships and 2 Italian Cups in his 4 years at Juventus. He played long before todays wall-to-wall T.V. coverage. Had he been playing today, he would be near the top of the list.

The best leeds united player ever and probably 3rd best player in the world only since sir stan

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63 Javad Nekounam V 2 Comments
64 Ali Parvin

The best captain for perspolis

Best footballer in all time

65 Petr Cech Petr Cech Petr Čech is a Czech professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for English club Arsenal and captains the Czech Republic national team.

Amazing Goal Keeper. So sad that he was knocked unconscious. Still, after all that, he is an awesome goalie. Best Czech player by far and the most talented goalie in the EPL and before the injury, the best goalie in the world (and he has the trophy to prove it! ). The goalie is the most vital part of the team. So often we overlook our defense. Look at the top ten! A bunch of strikers and midfielders. We need to learn to appreciate our defenders and goalies much more.

He is the best goalie that ever lived. He could never compare to any goalie.

If you look on best goal keepers in the world de Gea and neuer is top 2

Amazing Goalkeeper from Czech Republic!

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66 David Villa David Villa David Villa Sánchez is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a striker and also serves as captain for New York City FC in Major League Soccer.

Ultimate striker... Nightmare of Defenders... Kicks most on the list in the butt without even looking.

Ultimate striker!
The dream finisher!
The real man of aggressive football!

scores many many goals, national and clubs.

Best player in the world

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67 Michael Laudrup

You guys must be out of your mind, if you don't think that Michael can be in at least top 10. His passing-skils were insane, and techniqually he is one of the best ever. He scored goals and made his team mates better. Besides that, he was a true gentleman who never got a red card or dived, like many of todays players do. Watch some videos of him, on YouTube!

Laudrups skills were amazing! Played in Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid! Needs to be much higher placed on this list!

One of the greatest midfielders the game has ever seen. He was the player everybody wanted to have on their team, but no one wanted to play against.

Not in thousand years Messi can have passing ability and vision like laudrup also laudrup has much better pace n strength I guess u people have voted on current doubt he should be in top 5

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68 Emile Heskey

When Heskey gets on the ball he is feared by all, his shot is more powerful than a thousand hammers, he is stronger than a million men. You see players who are known as 'great' Heskey surpasses mere greatness he is a true legend of the game.


Emile Heskey has scored more goals in the premier league than Messi. If Messi is at number 2 Heskey should be number 1. Heskey is a more versatile player and has scored more goals for the England national team than Messi.

When Heskey touches the ball hundreds of thousands African child get fed

Where's tim Cahill go Australia in the olympics

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69 Sergio Agüero Sergio Agüero Sergio Leonel "Kun" Agüero is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a striker for English club Manchester City and the Argentina national team.

He scored the best last minute goal of all time. Next year I'd like to see him in the top twenty at least

He's good, best player in England by far. Why was he not at least in the top 100.

Best player in the premier league by far. He should be around 8th or something

Why is he here? He should be in the top ten

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70 Michael Owen Michael Owen

He is one of the best finishers in the world. It is same the injuries have destroyed him but he will come back as he always did

The best striker that the world has ever seen, his ability on the ball was immense and his movement off the ball was even better, for those reasons alone Michael owen certainly gets my vote! Trololol

One of the best finishers ever seen in our game. He lead England, Manchester united, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle United and Stoke City. Just brilliant.

He is the might on England

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71 Gerd Müller Gerd Müller

If 68 goals in 62 internationals is not enough, consider 14 World Cup goals, and one of just 3 to score 10+ goals in a single edition (1970) of the World Cup (the others being Fontaine and Kocsis and they did it in the 1950's when the scores tended to be higher). Definitely one of the top 10 strikers of all-time.
- Relayer1971

Come on guys he is the best striker ever, so much goals, so much trophies, what an instinct for striker I can only compare him with nistelrooy - ahil

Best striker of all time. Not debatable

Best German striker

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72 Enzo Francescoli Enzo Francescoli

Francescoli, who was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, was one of the best players of the modern era. He was a striker with unusual grace and elegance on the football pitch. He was affectionately known as "El Principe. " Watch him play and you will see an artist at work, and understand why he was called "The Prince. "
He was one of the most elegant players of his generation.

Francescoli was noted for his grace and fluid abilities on the ball. These qualities would later influence the style of French midfielder Zinedine Zidane, who has stated that Francescoli was his favorite player as a young boy and even named one of his sons Enzo.

Francescoli is known as El Principe (Spanish) or Le Prince (French), which means The Prince.

Great player, like many Uruguayans and coming from a small country, he punched well above his weight!

Zinedine's idol. He named his son after him. - manya93

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73 Gheorghe Hagi


Best player ever. Led Romania to a world cup quaterfinal almost by himself. What has Christiano Ronaldo done for Portugal? Got them out of the group stage? The only players who can compare are pele and Ronaldo ( the Brazilian).

A real playmaker, who always look forward to do something incredible. Probably we can claim that a very few players with such a great technique can be compared with him. There is no player (including messi, ronaldo or maradona) would even attempt to try his long-bullet shoots. Unlike other #10, he was also tenacious warrior for the clubs he played. Briefly, a true football legend, I would die to watch on the pitch. Respect from a AC Milan fan.

Simply the best..

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74 Didier Drogba Didier Drogba Didier Yves Drogba Tébily is an Ivorian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Canadian Major League Soccer club Montreal Impact.

He is excellent the top scorer in barclays premier league

he is a powerhouse
he has so much skill and precision it is unreal -

He kills and he got the most goals for Chelsea in 2006. Better than all the other Africans. Go Ivory Coast.

Greatest Ever

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75 Xabi Alonso Xabi Alonso Xabier "Xabi" Alonso Olano is a Spanish footballer who plays for German club Bayern Munich as a central midfielder.

One of the greatest midfielders of all time, shame he left Liverpool. - DalglishIsBack

Xabi Alonso's playing style hasn't changed a jot in six years, and that's not a bad thing either.

He has rare ability on the ball that's consistently put to good use, sharing a midfield with the formidable Sami Khedira and producing one of the world's finest double pivots.

As far as deep-lying playmakers go, there's only one man who's better. - dahamid364

He is a great fast player who scores lots of goals

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76 Yahya Golmohammadi
77 Abedi Pelé

The greatest dare devil of our century, He was more than a team. His dribbles, his placements and accuracy has no description. Abedi Pele lacked nothing while with the ball. Abedi is the only speedster that lives

he was the most skillful african player

Abedi pele should be the second best player of all time right after lionel messi

heartbeat of contemporary african and world soccer

78 Alan Shearer Alan Shearer

who votes on here you can't tell me the great alan shearer and GEORGE BEST are not in this top ten and are behind the likes of keane owen, ronaldo what a load of wank people forget to easily - pommy

THE best striker ever! how on earth is there people like micheal owen or david beckham ahead of him! wake up! - FOSTER69a

One of the greatest premier league player that ever lived. long live Shearer!

The best striker in history Messi sucks pele sucks Ronaldo sucks Alan shearer is the best

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79 Jari Litmanen

My dad has supported Jari Litmanen since the early 70's so when I was born I didn't really have a choice. I got my first Jari Litmanen t-shirt when I was two years old so my father just made a icecold decision: you support Jari Litmanen. I cannot even imagine what would have happened if I've started glory hunting Ronaldinho instead of Litmanen.

He is the best player the world has ever witnessed. He can see the whole pitch better than anyone else. TIMO JUTILA once said that Jari is also really good at making fantastic barbecue. That said, he is without a doubt the greatest player of all time.

There are only a handful of players at Litmanen's level when it comes to vision and creativity, the most important traits in football. He was the nucleus and brains behind the most surprisingly successful club side of modern era football - Ajax in the mid-nineties. That team was built around Litmanen, and for a good reason, since he is a rare example of a player who makes his team mates play better.

In Finland we have many presidents but only one king, Jari Litmanen! His awareness and passing ability were simply mind-blowing.

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80 Paul Scholes

Scholes is without doubt the greatest English player of all time and should be in the top ten of this list!
He is the perfect player!

Best footballer ever. No one else can control a game like Paul Scholes. He is perfection.

Best all round player of all time... FACT

How is he 81st?

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