Top Ten Soccer (Football) Teams of the 2012-2013 Season

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21 West Ham United West Ham United West Ham United Football Club is a professional football club based in Stratford, East London, England, that competes in the Premier League, England's top tier of football.

Best east London team ever with legend bobby moore as a former player

Consistent team with strong roots. one of very few british teams that have never fallen below the the second tier of English football

I love west ham because bobby Moore and billy bonds one the fa cup billy bonds bet. Arsenal 0-1

Amazing with brilliant youngsters like Noble, Taylor and super star goalie Jaaskilinem

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22 Chivas

Chivas might be having a rough season this yr, but over all chivas is the number one team in Mexico no doubt about it! Chivas al 100%

There the worst team in Mexico Leon is the Best Soccer team in soccer HISTORY

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23 Montreal Impact Montreal Impact
24 Leeds

Biggest supported English team of the 70's, 80's and 90's

Still marching on together

Leeds you rock we love you leeds :) WE MEAN IT!

We love you leeds your epic keep it up

25 Newcastle

Newcastle might not have amazing players but their spirit is amazing. They have tied against man city and other great teams

Might not have best players but there support is definitely world class.

Newcastle are the best because they have the whole city behind their side, Newcastle will get unlucky but they will come back from anything a put 110% into any game... Howay the lads

They are 100% great

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26 Santos

The young worlds best neymar plays for them even though he should come to chelsea because santos aren't good enough

Santos are the best soccer team in the universe all the stupid other teams are rubbish compared to the santos!


The biggest team in América

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27 Cruz Azul Cruz Azul

Cruz azul is the best Mexican team that ever stepped in the pitch

Who the hell r CRUZ AZUL

28 FC Basel

They are in the Europa League 1/2 Final and destroyed Teams like ManU, Bayern, Zenit St. Petersburg, Dnjepropetrovsk and Tottenham

29 Lyon

A great player factory, producing great players like Benzema and Lloris.

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30 Bayer 04 Leverkusen

This team is extremely underrated. Great stars like Robbie Kruse and Sidney Sam.

Should definitely crack Top 30. One of the greatest teams in the Bundesliga.

Bayer All the Way!

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31 Los Angeles Galaxy Los Angeles Galaxy

All I know is that Los Angeles Galaxy is better then Houston Dynamo on my opinion.

Because David Beckham is totally best in free kicks. Even other teams are poor in free kicks

Wow. How the beep did west ham be better then us

Robbie keane is top euros scorer of all time getting stevan gerrard is gona make them one of the best teams in the world

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32 Olympique de Marseille

Best team they are fast and their attacking method is so sick. You never know how they create goal chanc

33 Celtic

Best fans in Europe with out a doubt! World class players like ; Messi and Ronaldo and maldini and seeders say so them selves!

They are the best ever and that if they beat barcelona they can beat them again and ac milan and ajax to come out top on there champions league

CELTIC ROCK please move them to 7th

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34 S.S.C. Napoli

Who ever put this list together is an idiot

Napoli finished higher than Ac Milan and inter Roma and lazio how r they 48th

Napoli is the best team ever, remember Diego Armando Maradona. CHamps Forza Napoli

Best team in the world is Napoli go for it Napoli I am with you w la Napoli.

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35 Western Sydney Wanderers

The Wanderers have great potential. They have great players such as Ono, Hersi, Kresinger and Topor-Stanley. They are a new club and have performed excellently in 2012. Every other team in a league history has come last in their first season, except the Wanderers. They won the minor premiership but, unfortunately lost the grand final against the central coast mariners 2-0.

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36 Club America

Best Mexican team, could be steady top 20

Best soccer team in North America

Mexicos finest and they can get a lot better

The best soccer team in mexico

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37 Seattle Sounders Seattle Sounders

They have eddie Johnson and rosales

Seattle are really good during some games but we have Dempsey and Evans

They are by far the best in the US.


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38 Aston Villa

UTV founders of the English league
Pride of Birmingham
One of the only 5 English teams to have won the Champions League...
Villa Park the best place to be in the world, heaven on earth

We I hate Aston Villa worst 1.Aston Villia 2.Arsenal 3.Manutd 4.Liverpool 5.Man city

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39 Santos Laguna
40 Sporting Clube de Portugal

C�'mon dudes Sporting rules, they produced players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Luís Figo, Nani, how are they in 72nd?

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