Top Ten Soccer (Football) Teams of the 2012-2013 Season

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61 Porto

2 champions
2 uefa cups
2 intercontinental
1 european supercup
7th uefa ranking 2013

Best Portuguese football team, could be in the top 10

Amazing squad should be ranked much higher then 30

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62 QPR

Good team but not strong enough to take on other teams like arsenal or chelsea and definitely

Sort of a rubbish organization of players they should throw in a player LIKE wayne rooney I said LIKE

63 Knattspyrnufélag Reykjavíkur
64 Corinthians

You guys are probably all smoke Weed, becase Corinthians won the club world cup 2012. They Play a very high quality soccer and should be first

They won the club World Cup 2012 they are ment 2 1 st place they won about 10 minutes ago

One of the best clubs in the world, they are a match for any team that plays them. And the have quality players like Paulinho, Pato, Ralf, Gil, and Cassio.

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65 Norwich City FC

Won against Man U

They got to the finals in the Capital 1 cup

66 Wimbledon
67 Athletic Bilbao
68 Mamelodi Sundowns

I thimk we should be voting for Orlando Pirates instead of Sundowns, compared with achievement Pirates have, Mamelodi Sundowns have achieved nothing than buying most expensive footballers.

69 Zamalek SC

First in the Egyptian premier league with 30 points out of 10 matches. Undefeated in the last 8 Caf champions league, and currently in the group stages of the 2013 Caf Champions league.

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70 Persib Bandung

Persib is not only the football club, but also the pride of West Java Indonesia. It becomes a culture in West Java to support Persib in any conditions. From the elderly, the grown-ups, until the children were proud about it. Exactly, watching Persib is uniting the Sundanese people.

The best football team in Indonesia, southeast Asia

Have a new stadium at east Bandung, Gelora Lautan Api Stadium.


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71 Shanghai Shenhua

All the money they have gonna buy some great players and go up in the world of football

72 Mohun Bagan

Mohun Bagan is the pride of the Ghoti community in West Bengal in India. It brings us together!

Great club shows team spirit
At lwast could ne called the best club in asia

73 Swansea

Swansea are the best passes in the Premier League

74 Al-Hilal

Without thiago neves al hilal would be screwed.

I love al hilal foot ball team

75 Enyimba International F.C.

The best club in Africa

76 PSIM Yogyakarta

PSIM yogyakarta have loyal supporter and the best football team

Always support to our special team in special city, PSIM Yogyakarta!

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77 Leicester City

The great old Leicester city they were one of the best in the world great team should be at least 40 vote vote vote they are great

Can you hear the Leicester sing noo noo can you here the Leicester sing I carnt hear a fing thin oa shhh ahhh

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78 Al Ain FC
79 Newcastle Jets

It's all about heskey heskey heskey heskey! '!

It's heskey

Heskeys number 1

Heskey top goal scorer

Heskey is dench

Heskey is beastly



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80 Deportivo Toluca F.C. Deportivo Toluca F.C.
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