Top Ten Soccer (Football) Teams of the 2012-2013 Season

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61 Swansea

Swansea are the best passes in the Premier League

62 Al-Hilal

Without thiago neves al hilal would be screwed.

I love al hilal foot ball team

63 Leicester City

The great old Leicester city they were one of the best in the world great team should be at least 40 vote vote vote they are great

Can you hear the Leicester sing noo noo can you here the Leicester sing I carnt hear a fing thin oa shhh ahhh

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64 PSIM Yogyakarta

PSIM yogyakarta have loyal supporter and the best football team

Always support to our special team in special city, PSIM Yogyakarta!

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65 Newcastle Jets

It's all about heskey heskey heskey heskey! '!

It's heskey

Heskeys number 1

Heskey top goal scorer

Heskey is dench

Heskey is beastly



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66 Enyimba International F.C.

The best club in Africa

67 Feyenoord

Feyenoord has the best supporters and hooligans!

One of the world's leading youth teams

68 Al Ain FC
69 GNK Dinamo Zagreb
70 CSKA Moscow CSKA Moscow CSKA Moscow is a major Russian sports club based in Moscow. It is popularly referred to in the West as "Red Army" or "the Red Army team" because during the Soviet era, it was a part of the Armed Forces sports society, which in turn was associated with the Soviet Army.

Best banker of the day for betting

71 Deportivo Toluca F.C. Deportivo Toluca F.C.
72 PSV Eindhoven PSV Eindhoven

PSV has a new trainer + some new players and are competing in the pre-rounds of the Champions league once they get into the group fase everyone will see the true power PSV has!


Paok is the best team in the world because he has fans all over the world

74 West Brom

Was fantastic this sees on and should be higher then Aston villa as they finished 15th and west brom got 8th place and drawed 5-5 with Manchester United, west brom should get more credit then they are getting now

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75 Vrbanjusa
76 Cardiff City

We are better than the non prem English teams because we managed to get promotion unlike them

Well now in the premier league with new signings but are one of the favourite to go back down

Cardiff city cardiff city fc greatest team in football the world has ever seen.

77 S.C. Braga
78 Shamrock Rovers

I think Dundalk should be ahead of those lads there town is the roughest place in Ireland

79 Leeds United Leeds United Leeds United Football Club is a professional association football club in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.
80 FC Seoul

- one of the best club in Asia
- Top Asian footballer like: Ki Sung Yueng (Swansea City), Lee Chung Yong(Bolton Wanders) and Park Chu Young(Arsenal, Celta Vigo) played for FC Seoul

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