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161 Francesco Totti Francesco Totti Francesco Totti is an Italian professional footballer who plays for, and captains, Serie A club Roma.
162 Lucas Moura

The most underrated player right now. Didn't play the World Cup, because of the coach's problem of selectionning, he stays the best young right winger right now.

163 Adnan Januzaj

Like people say: "he's overrated"; I think he isn't. The 19 year-old Belgian who plays for Manchester United, the pride of England, the richest team in history who earns 2 Milliards of dollars and a half. He is such a great talent in the level of Paul Pogba, Memphis Depay, Jurgen Locadia and Aymeric Laporte.

164 Memphis Depay

This player is close to return to Manchester United. He was the youngest Holland player. The 20 years right winger shows a great potential for his team and country.

165 Juan Manuel Iturbe

Crazy Argentine, who was discovered by the Argentine team Lanús, progressed with Hellas Verona, and now, he helps the Italian team Roma, to go on for the champions league. But, unfortunately, they didn't get to the round of 16, it's Manchester City and Bayern Munich who have progressed on to the next round. He's the second best young right winger after the Brazilian Lucas Moura.

166 Aymeric Laporte

Best young defender right now before varane. French defenders are great.

167 Santi Cazorla

Better than most of the other Arsenal players on this list. - Billyv

168 Andrea Pirlo Andrea Pirlo Andrea Pirlo is an Italian professional footballer who plays for American club New York City FC in Major League Soccer and the Italy national team. V 1 Comment
169 Alvaro Morata Alvaro Morata
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