Top Ten Best Records of Lionel Messi

The best ever records set by Lionel Messi, the best soccer player in the world.
The Top Ten
1 91 Goals in a Calender Year (2012)

In December 2012, Messi's record seemed to be a world one. But very soon, the Zambian FA claimed and proved that the great striker of the country Godfrey Chitalu (4th international scorer of all times with 79 goals) netted 107 goals in the calendar year 1972.
FIFA was asked for verification but nevertheless, FIFA spokesman declared that an official FIFA world record had never existed, and as it's not association's authority, FIFA will not recognise any record.
P. S. The doubt of Pelé's goals which is commented, is out of question as all goals of the Brazilian legend are known : 1,281 during his senior active career and 770 (combined RSSSF and IFFHS data) in 833 official games. Messi bagged 662 in the same number of games. Numbers are against the Argentinian.

Best player in the world of all time

2 La Liga All-Time Leading Scorer (2014)
3 4 Ballon D' Ors (2012)

6 Ballon d'or as of 2019.

4 UEFA Champions League All-Time Leading Scorer (2014)
5 Most La Liga Goals Scored in a Single Season (2012)
6 Argentinian With Most Trophies Ever (2015)
7 First Player to Score Five Goals in a Champions League Match (2012)
8 UEFA Champions League Golden Boot Winner 4 Consecutive Years
9 5 Ballon d'Ors (2016)

Excellent. Also no. 1

10 4 Consecutive Ballon D' Ors (2009-12)
The Contenders
11 Most Dribbles Completed in a World Cup Since Maradona in 1986 (2014)
12 Longest Scoring Run of 21 Consecutive Matches (2012)

Great record as he shattered the previous one, jointly held from the Polish Teodor Peterek (1938) and the German Gerd Müller (1970) of 16 games.

13 Fastest Player To Reach 100 Champions League Goals

He did in 123 Appearances

14 Most Goals and Assists in el Classico

26 goals and 14 assists in 41 appearances

15 Greatest Top Division Goalscorer of the Last 50 Years
16 All-Time Top Assists in Copa America History
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