Top Ten Best Social Events That Could Be Celebrated On TheTopTens


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1 A Wedding V 3 Comments
2 The Birthday of Notorious Users

It would be like the site cares about us. It would certainly trap us, feeling we belong! - keyson

3 An Annual Celebration of Prizes to TheTopTens' Users

With categories such as "Best Top Tenner Of The Year", "Best List Of The Year" and many subcategories. Voted by users with a certain time on the site. - keyson

4 The Election of TheTopTens' President

Don't you think that they already got enough endorsements payed with people's money? Politicians are corrupted and don't deserve to be celebrated!

If we happen to be a democracy. Or would we be ruled by a Queen? You all know who I'm thinking of... - keyson

Isn't that technically admin's job? - PositronWildhawk

5 A Monthly Reunion In Which Each TopTenner Tells a Joke or an Unusual Anecdote

We could become more friends. It would be something without precedents. TheTopTens could become a new kind of social network! - keyson

V 1 Comment
6 The Anniversary of TheTopTens' Release to the Web
7 A Graduation

A member who achieves all accomplishments graduates. Some of us are so far, though! - keyson

8 The Jump to Fame from TopTenners Who Achieve It

Some will certainly be famous! - keyson

9 The Retirement of Famous TopTenners

If they ever do! - keyson

10 Reaching 100,000 Registered Members
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