Top Ten Reasons Why People Use Social Media

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1 To act smart and criticize people

I think this reason is exist so mush

That's silly but correct.

2 To pretend they are someone else

That's stupid.

3 To be able to contact their idols and celebrities
4 To spread their point of views and ideas

I find it thoroughly amazing that I can speak to someone on the other side of the globe with a device that can fit in my hand.

Walrus are a threat to flying potato's and Walruses should be gassed in my pants.

I mean, I use it to spread the love to fellow walruses. Soon, walruses will rule SeaWorld, then...uhh...Burger King.

5 To meet new people

This is the only real reason I would consider. In fact, TTT is the ONLY media I use. Too much drama on Facebook and all that.

The only social media I use is this website.

You can do that here too.

6 To hate on people

That's just silly man.

Yes yes yes so true

7 To feel important

At least God calls you important!

You really want to?

8 To interact with different mentalities
9 They want to contact friends

This should be in the top three, this is the main reason most of my friends use social media.

10 They lack social life

I really don't get the hate on social media. I really don't.

So by that logic, you lack social life too? Because you’re on this site and it kind of counts as social media, or at least to me it does.

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11 To stalk people

Ok. That's very bad.

12 To be a troll

Sadly, this is true.

13 They are too lazy to socialize in person

I can do both but I'm not a teen.

14 To post duck-faced selfies

The reason half of my friends joined Instagram.

15 They want attention
16 To make yourself look cool

That sounds just arrogant

17 They're depressed
18 They have problems
19 To show others content

I made an edit account with my friend once in order to show the world our edits, there are s ton of people who make accounts to post their content.

20 To get laid
21 To discover new things
22 To skip newspapers and magazines

Notice most teenage magazines nowadays are dead.

23 To market themselves or their business
24 To brag about themselves and how good their life is
25 To bully fanbases
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