Top Ten Things People Post on Social Media that are Most Likely to Make You Unfollow Them

Checking out a person's social media feed can be a revealing experience. Not only do you get to know their likes and dislikes, but you get to find out which people you think are alright in real life are actually insufferable idiots, blatant racists, close-minded bigots, or hate-mongering trolls.

How often have you followed a friend or family member only to unfollow them a short while later once you found out more about who they really are? What are the types of things they posted that caused you to do so?
The Top Ten
1 Spoilers to TV shows, movies, books, etc.

It's like commenting "First" on a post except it reaches a whole new level of douchedom. We get it. You finished the episode, saw the end of the game, just got out of the theater, or read the last page. Now you have to celebrate your accomplishment by ruining it for someone else?

2 Fake news articles they don't bother to research

Perhaps spend a few minutes on Snopes before you feel compelled to tell the world how upset you are about the article you just saw. Not only will save yourself from ridicule, but you won't have to get all bent out of shape about Donald Trump making all black people he employs address him as "massar, sir" and insisting they talk like the crows from Dumbo.

We get enough fake news from the mainstream media, I don't need someone "retweeting" it on social media.

3 Content posted to bully someoneĀ 

Pretty sure this should be higher than dead memes or spoilers.

4 "I do not give this site permission to track me" viral posts

Guess what? Posting that you do not give Facebook permission to use your information does absolutely nothing. By using the site, you agree to their rules. If you do not like it, don't use the site. But don't advertise your utter lack of understanding by reposting one of these fake directives because your friend Flo posted it on her profile first. Remember, all of Flo's clocks are always flashing 12:00 for a reason.

5 Chain posts

I had a friend on instagram but they kept sending these so I blocked them

6 Bikini pics
7 Political content

Very often in 2017, when people suddenly used their accounts to bash Trump and Trump only.

8 Racist posts
9 Nudes

Ok, how is this below Bikini pictures? This is actually worse in hindsight. Especially for under 18s like me (by the way I'm 16).

10 Bad jokes
The Contenders
11 Dead memes
12 Comments bashing other people's opinions
13 Selfies while doing drugs

People should stop doing that it doesn't look cute at all

14 Rude comments
15 Pictures of children
16 Hateful content
17 A picture of themselves
18 Relationship pictures
19 Cringe videos of their little kids
20 Videos of a concert where you can hear everything except the music
21 Rage videos
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