Worst People and Types of People on TikTok

TikTok is one of the worst social media platfoms ever. Here are a bunch of terrible people and type of people from there.
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1 Lovely Peaches

I don't know much about this person but I know she is an awful person she sent some old guy to do terrible things to Charli D'Amelio for reasons I don't know of.

2 The person who started the autism challenge

As an autistic person, I think this challenge sounds offensive.

Whoever did this is calling for the autisticide. The killing of people with autism.

How dare that person!

3 The people supporting the autism challenge

I have not heard of this challenge but by reading this I can tell they are sick people.

4 The ones who lip sync

Lipsyncing and doing a weird dance is just cringey and means you have no talent whatsoever

5 The one who keeps making lip sinc videos and cringy dances
6 Thots

They make me uncomfortable, they wear the shortest shorts and crop tops. All for clout a lot of them are probably young too.

7 Aidan Hoang

I hate him. He makes perverted videos on tiktok, asks girls how freaky are they 1_10, objectifies women, harassed young girls, and he threatened to dox someone.

Said the N word on yubo live, likes to harass minors, threaten to dox people, and he groomed his little autistic brother. He is DISGUSTING.

A perverted teen who objectifies women and asks girls how freaky are they 1_10

People call him out and he denies everything all the bad stuff he does.

8 The ones who put no effort into their videos
9 The ones faking depression

They do this for clout and it is stupid they pretend to be emo and other dumb crap.

10 Lauren Kim

She's such a pick me girl. She and her skank friends went to a republican convention event in Florida with NO masks, no social distancing, and they are spreading COVID. How embarassing can she be? As an Asian, I don't claim her at all.

She normalizes racism towards Asians, says the N word, comes up with a BS apology and is actually not sorry for it. Yet, She calls black people animals! Not to mention, She didn't wear a mask in Florida and her skank friends such as Maddie Odell got corona.

She says the N word. She belittles the experiences of racism that Asians have faced during Covid19 and she says that Kung Flu is not racist. Wonder if she got picked yet.

She is another tiktoker who is VERY problematic in the Asian community. Her entire account is a joke and screams white validation.

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11 The ones risking their lives for views

It is stupid, you put your life on the line for clout? Like what if you die doing that then it wasn't even worth it and you won't get any clout.

12 People who are full of themselves
13 thatveganteacher
14 The old creepy men

Keep them in a maximum security prison with NO privilege to leave the room for any reason and no contact with ANYONE for the rest of their lives.

15 The people doing hand rituals.
16 Tony Lopez

This dude admitted to trying to date a teen, And people support him..

17 Zoe Laverne

Shes a groomer, says the N-word, is a Trump Supporter, vapes, fakes suicide and fakes being abused. Those were the ones I can think of on top of my head. She needs her platform to be taken away from her

18 Zoophiles
19 Psychopaths
20 People who wish diseases on other people
21 Junya1Gou

He’s Terribly Annoying

22 Little kids twerking
23 Lilsmize
24 People that make tik toks of themselves helping the needy for clout
25 Pedophiles
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