Greatest Sociologists of All Time


The Top Ten

1 Auguste Comte

The author of this list seems to have a perticular penchant for elevating statist thinkers and defunct, universally failed Utopian thought. Comte was one of Marx's biggest influences. How's that folly been working out? The motto on Brazil's flag, "Order And Progress," comes from Comte. How's life in Brazil?

2 Max Weber

Only inveterate statists and those who neither understand nor appreciate liberty would consider Weber, with his Prussianized view of the all-powerful bureaucratic state, to be "greatest." He was an enemy of freedom.

3 Emile Durkheim
4 Talcott Parsons
5 Pierre Bourdieu

Another Marx-inspired purveyor of "sociological" hocus-pocus trying to convince the ivory-tower world that something as complex as human thought and as nuanced and ethereal as the human "condition" can be reduced to doxies, formulae, and hard fact, i.e., "science." For proof that "social scientists" are usually talking out of their... other end... one need look no further than the Brexit vote, or the recent U.S. presidential election. The "social science" geniuses never saw either coming, and may just never get over it. That's how far from reality their little cloistered, echo-chamber universe exists.

6 Daniel Bell
7 Jurgen Habermas
8 Anthony Giddens
9 Michel Foucault
10 Ralf Dahrendorf

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11 Manuel Castells
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